E commerce model innovation or make the future pattern of huge variables

With the rapid development of the Internet Chinese

, a sharp increase in the number of Internet users, online shopping population growth, online shopping market has gradually become the climate, the advantages of e-commerce is becoming more and more obvious, even many celebrities of the commodities have abandoned the traditional offline store sales model, through the network to complete sales of goods. Insiders said that the rapid development of e-commerce to the Internet has brought another spring.

The development of

e-commerce, the e-commerce mode in continuous innovation and change, for the C2C B2C, everyone for having heard it many times, such as B2B, development has been very mature, is applied is very extensive, but the existing e-commerce marketing model has been unable to meet the higher demand of enterprises and consumers, need to continue the exploration and innovation, to provide better, e-commerce marketing model suitable for long-term development. Below I talk about several kinds of e-commerce marketing model through independent innovation.

1, Taobao B2C2C mode

is the largest C2C e-commerce platform taobao.com, after continuous development and innovation, in April 10th 08 a new building B2C mall Taobao mall, now taobao.com has been unable to use the C2C model to a single location, with Mr. Ma said: "accurate positioning taobao.com is now the B2C2C electronic commerce mode".

Taobao mall line up to now, has become one of the most influential B2C e-commerce platform, settled in the number of business enterprises and brands have tens of thousands. Changed the situation before the individual and consumers and businesses and consumers are in the same platform competitive situation. Before, Taobao mall launched a lot of fake, fake goods and genuine goods are on the same platform, makes it difficult for consumers to identify who is genuine, who is imitation goods. Business card merchandise is also very depressed, because the selling price and the genuine imitation goods prices are very different, which makes the management of genuine business sales have been not very ideal. After the implementation of "Taobao" strategy at Taobao, with a large platform above, the breakdown of the C2C and B2C two piece of business, make some brand business and business enterprises settled to the mall, to help them achieve better sales and enhance brand image. So that consumers are more comfortable shopping, more arbitrary. Taobao’s B2C2C e-commerce marketing model, good to meet the needs of consumers and businesses.

two, Baidu has ah "X2C" mode

coincidentally, last year Baidu announced C2C e-commerce platform owned by Baidu has ah "officially launched, in less than a year, although not comparable with taobao.com, but through constant adjustment and innovation after the line, has been a great one of business groups and user groups. In 09 years of Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, Baidu has announced the launch of the X2C e-commerce marketing strategy.

in fact, Baidu has ah, at the beginning of the line, the industry has said that Baidu will not only note >

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