NetEase koala purchase on line hundred days layout meager profit electricity supplier ecosystem

recently, NetEase’s cross-border business platform in the line of the 100 day sea purchase koala held media communication, koala sea purchase CEO Ms. Zhang Lei told the media that it will launch a new round of large-scale promotional activities in the near future, mother, beauty and women will become the focus of the current round of promotional activities. At the same time, Zhang Lei said, had been sought after by domestic consumers in Japan toilet cover will also be launched in this big promotion activities.

previously, NetEase koala sea purchase has launched a number of promotions, and even once set off a price war in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, which advocated the meager electricity supplier ecosystem, caused no small repercussions in the industry.

at present, the koala has set up a mature model of the purchase of the sea, to open up a complete cross-border electricity supplier industry chain, to ensure that its commitment to 100% authentic, 100% overseas direct mining, no reason to return for the 7 days".

in fact, NetEase has been more concerned about the development of the electricity supplier industry, after the introduction of cross-border electricity supplier policy at the national level, NetEase conducted in-depth research. Found that the cross-border electricity supplier industry is indeed in a new outlet, in particular, Amazon’s global electricity supplier giant also settled in Shanghai free trade zone. This allows us to realize that the current NetEase is the best window into the physical electricity supplier." Zhang Lei said that NetEase had spent four years in the virtual electricity supplier to explore, online lottery and insurance business has come to the forefront of the industry. "Standing in the air, must play a lightning war".

NetEase in September last year, began to build the team, to the beginning of this year on the line koala sea purchase, just 4 months. Similarly, in line since 100 days, NetEase, and other high-quality domain mailbox portal to mobilize resources, turns staged different degree of promotional activities, stir the entire industry. From March 12th to March 18th "ZhiNiaoKu Carnival" activities, the koala sea purchase low price strategy also caused other cross-border electronic business platform, follow up.

"the price war is the fastest way to attract users, and persistent price war is relying on the NetEase’s huge funds and financial capabilities," said Zhang Lei, NetEase attaches great importance to the development of the koala sea purchase, has invested heavily to build its products has become a NetEase, after the game, portal, mailbox finance, music, online education with high quality, to further improve the NetEase in the Internet business overall layout.

advocate meager profit electricity supplier ecosystem, casting lasting low price

koala sea purchase is to break the small scale purchasing and traditional sea Amoy caused by the uneven quality of overseas goods, the price system is chaotic situation". Zhang Lei stressed in the face of the media. Not only that, NetEase first proposed the concept of meager electricity supplier ecosystem: through its own platform, to maximize the interests of overseas businesses and Chinese consumers, so that the quality of foreign goods into the country is no longer difficult.

this idea is to achieve the path of the koala sea purchase for overseas businesses to provide nanny service". "Different from doing business at home, overseas businessmen want to enter China, facing"

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