Suning will set up a community service station

yesterday, Suning trying to launch a community service integration platform". According to the plan, Suning will be part of the establishment of community "community service station", can provide consumers with an air conditioner, lampblack machine and other electrical appliances free cleaning and maintenance, air quality testing, free mobile phone free film services.

it is understood that the first batch of Suning in Beijing, including Tongzhou, Daxing within the jurisdiction of about more than and 40 large communities. Su Ning, general manager of Beijing Suning introduction, Suning in Beijing on the basis of 65 stores, but also set up a more than and 100 service outlets, more than 2000 front-line service personnel.

Suning nearly three years has been the implementation of the integration of online and offline strategy of the development of the community service has become an important entry to enhance the shopping experience of the mouth of the 020. It is understood that the current domestic community consumer economy contribution of less than 45%, compared to developed countries, compared to the community consumption of 70%, the domestic community economic consumption potential.

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