Double 11 search fraud before the search for a good number of users to search the full loss of 360

a lot of Internet security experts warned that the annual double eleven online shopping season is the consumption season, is also a network of fraud of high-risk period, as the embodiment of all the official website, the flagship store in the fishing website obtained the promotion of search engine, its harm will grow exponentially, the majority of users need to be vigilant.

In fact, since the

, since the autumn of this year, the Internet security incidents frequently exposed, from the Xcode loophole door, NetEase mailbox data leakage, and the recent WormHole Moplus tool vulnerabilities, have caused a large number of users caught. And also because of the phishing sites get in by every opening is directly related to the safety of property and attracted much attention. The majority of users enjoy the convenience of the Internet at the same time, we must grasp the relevant safety knowledge, to understand the effective means of prevention and recovery of loss, to protect their property security.

According to

China police network November 3rd news, Xiamen anti fraud center in October received a total of Internet fraud cases since 541, involving 6 million 20 thousand yuan, which is the search engine error guide network fraud cases caused by up to 93, these fraud cases mainly concentrated in buying the ticket, part-time brush reputation, buy a car, etc., and even the fake Xiamen anti fraud center Tel.

Xiamen anti fraud center

, for example, October 18th, Mr. Zhu, because the credit card is stolen brush, heard that the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau anti fraud centre can be fraud money frozen, through the Baidu search "Xiamen network online fraud alarm call, dial the phone after introduced his fraud, the other said to check the suspect accounts, money can help Zhu Mr. recover stolen brush, Mr. Zhu went to the bank to the ATM operation. Zhu in accordance with the instructions of the other side of the operation, found his account was transferred 8080 yuan, was aware of being cheated.

liar through bidding and other means, the fraud site disguised as a regular website, placed in the forefront of the rankings, to attract the attention of users, misleading users after the implementation of fraud." Xiamen anti fraud center staff said, in addition, the search in Baidu special ticket, jumped out of some of the web pages, including fraud sites, once users point into, it is easy to fall into the trap of crooks.

then the face of the growing number of Internet security issues, ordinary users how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests? In fact, as early as 2013 on the launch of the "Search Search fraudulent promotion of full compensation plan and commitment to the majority of Internet users, the website operators released through good search promotion service information and malicious fraud caused by phishing sites consumer direct property loss Xianxingpeifu bear responsibility.

good search fraud promotion full compensation plan page

It is reported that

, 360 found fraudulent promotion of full compensation plan provisions such as site operators through good search promotion service released malicious fraud information and phishing sites, causing users direct property loss in the process of consumption, can apply to the 360 xianhengpeifu. >

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