Economic Observer newspaper short distance B2C stupid business

In fact, just after the

from last year, Liu source has not how the sago net business, "stunned with inertia support until the end of October, but it is still deficient."

in October 25, 2011, he released a closed sago net on micro-blog in the personal decision. It happened that when Internet Co IPO window closed, China’s B2C into the so-called winter". Thus, sago net death is behoove were placed in a non normal position, to support China Internet history a very important node, and it represents "short distance B2C" or "B2C" failed again.

Kozmo ten years ago and the "e state hour" (hereinafter referred to as the "miracle of e states") has long been forgotten, they put forward the "one hour service" concept has so many people think that online convenience store has not far away. But today, the problem is still a problem, we still can not use the conventional economic model to describe the potential point of this business model. "Obviously, this is a popular business, but it is also a stupid business." Liu Yuan said angrily.

only fast break?

heyday Kozmo courier on more than 1000 people, the business is located in the United States in 7 cities. Even if it is not listed, it has been able to finance the amount of financing to Internet Co TOP 10. But it is such a company, in less than two years to close down. Later established Webvan more so, before IPO, it got the Sequoia Capital, Softbank, Goldman and other institutions about $1 billion in financing, listed on the same day the stock soared 65%, market capitalization of more than $8 billion. After it launched a large-scale expansion, drawn up a "26 urban expansion plan". Results only 18 months, Webvan will burn out all the money, put up the shutters, more than 2 thousand people lost their jobs. At that time, the Chinese e countries also hope to create an online store, Beijing logistics team once extended to 500 people, compared with the 8848 was very influential, the average daily number of orders more than 8848 national quantity are more, but also the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

ten years, many entrepreneurs in a variety of ways to try to short distance B2C, but only a few specific areas such as online ordering and other relatively mature, ended in failure. Several common problems: long product line, low customer price, low gross margin, low purchase frequency, low user concentration, coupled with the high cost of logistics, these problems are fatal, but they all have no solution.

short distance B2C is different from the traditional e-commerce, it needs to be vertical in the category, but more in the region on the vertical. Their real opponent is the physical convenience store, to beat the latter, in addition to price, "one hour service" convenience is the first dimension. And it was almost from the start that the death penalty was announced.

for them, "one hour delivery" is actually the most economical thing

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