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[editor’s note] foreign trade electricity supplier exports tend to have made in China, such as the standardization of electronic products and related accessories, as well as low price clothing accessories, etc.. However, in addition to these ears can be cooked in the category, but also some of the more distinctive products sold overseas, to bring a lot of sweetness to Chinese businesses. At the same time, these categories are also the major foreign trade business platform and the majority of self B2C will get involved in the field. Accordingly, the state power grid summarizes five characteristics and category of foreign trade electricity market related conditions.

a wig: every four Americans wearing wigs have a

from China


related data show that the most popular platform in the foreign trade business customers welcomed by overseas consumers, the wig is quite dark horse, after sales of clothing and mobile phones, ranked third. This is more or less surprising. Due to the large demand for overseas consumer demand for wig products, but also a high profit wig products, through the way of online transactions to sell overseas wigs became a highlight of the foreign trade electricity supplier industry.

aliexpress, Dunhuang network, Lanting Pavilion, Milan set of potential net game player has a lot of hair products, and wig sales have been relatively brisk. Speed pass has said that in the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2013, the total daily turnover of wig products platform grew by 10 times, by the year of 2014 it will occupy the U.S. market of 1/4.

two, wedding: from blue ocean to the Red Sea


needless to say, the wedding is certainly a highly respected category of foreign trade in the field of electricity providers, the listed company is set to rely on the wedding of Lanting Pavilion. However, with the rising heat of this industry, there are few sites do not sell the wedding. In addition to the Lanting Pavilion in Milan network, TideBuy potential, wedding business accounted for the bulk of the website, the great dragon network, Meritline is also a wedding product line, even the DX 3C chiefs are also at the beginning of this year launched a wedding service.

some people question, life can end the marriage several times wedding? Is it really that big market? Yes, the wedding is a very low rate of re purchase products, which is characterized in that the profit is high, and there are many ancillary products such as collocation, dress, shoes, jewelry, wedding supplies. With the propagation effect, potential can not be ignored.

three, security products: foreigners pay more attention to the safety of living


security products mainly refers to the alarm, camera, monitoring equipment, such as prevention and protection of safety related equipment, foreign trade electricity supplier in the gross profit margin and re purchase rate are relatively high category. In general, domestic consumers often buy such products, but foreign consumers are bored. On the one hand, and the safety awareness of foreign consumers, on the other hand, and many foreign families are single family living environment cannot do without.


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