Taobao ah pat three C2C shopping website pros and cons analysis

look at the current C2C platform, do the best to count Taobao, pat and Baidu have ah. Taobao to do the earliest time to defeat the eBay free mode, became the boss of the market, and pat rely on QQ even communication tools, but also a certain market share. Last year, Baidu launched a huge platform ah, rely on the flow of Baidu search engine, and more than two formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, had earned no money C2C platform competition more intense.

Fei Conglai is a magic weapon of the Internet, and Taobao is in this way as a selling point, and therefore yangmingliwan, established his position in the political arena, will be to the seller charges mode of eBay market continues to erode, become the market leader. Then, Taobao rely on the advantages of Alibaba B2B platform for the supply of goods in the shop owner Taobao shop, the seller to solve the problem of attracting a large number of sellers to solve the problem. Later, with the opportunity to charge the user to Taobao, pat free way to take advantage of it, coupled with the advantages of QQ users, pat also quickly occupied a certain market share.

network continues to spread, the number of online shopping continues to increase, more and more people shop, users of online shopping has a certain understanding and understanding. With the increase in the B2B platform, Taobao’s supply model has no advantage, although there is a huge pat QQ users as a basis, but too many Tencent services, pat the advantage can not be reflected. On the basis of the launch of Baidu has ah, one hand to absorb the advantages of Taobao and pat on eBay, on the other hand, based on the existing shopping environment for innovation, such as the reform of credit mechanism, virtual credit split, the innovation of credit speculation has played a very good prevention and control, a time to attract a large number of users.

so far, three C2C shopping platform officially began a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. So, who is the last king?

for Taobao, the years of the brand advantage invincible, said Taobao will be shopping, will often occur, and when many children will own Taobao store dispensers or web site in the blog, forums, and even QQ character signature inside, this is not only in the promotion of their own shops, but also to the very the role for Taobao’s propaganda, spreading the spontaneous let Taobao in the same site for at least one or two years ahead. Of course, Taobao’s weakness is the security problem of credit and payment mechanism, in Taobao, karate seller, hand to the existence of a large number of sellers, these things seem like a calm sea hiding many reefs, once the contradictions concentrated outbreak, Taobao should also go down the slope road.


should have a strong advantage, C2C is between the individual and the individual transaction, this and the profitability of QQ imitation seems consistent, but it seems the most should be something and not as expected, the Tencent to do a lot of business portals, search engines, instant messaging, e-commerce, software, games and so on. Now some of the Internet model, almost no it does not do, but also.

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