Vip com was re United States law firm class action

NetEase Francisco July 4th message, according to foreign media reports, Law announced that the US law firm Goldberg PC, has been to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York filed against (NYSE: VIPS) group of the indictment, claiming that in violation of federal securities law. Investors who bought shares of from February 17, 2015 to May 11, 2015, if they wish to become the main plaintiff in the case, should join the class action by the year of July 20, 2015.


suffered losses during the period of the shareholders, please contact Goldberg Law PC Michael · Gord Berg (Michael Goldberg) and Brian · (Brian Schall); Funchal, to discuss all the rights of shareholders. In addition, you can also contact the site via Goldberg Law or by e-mail in[email protected] PC.

the plaintiff group involved in the case has not yet been identified, prior to the qualification of the plaintiff involved in the identification can not be represented by the agent. If you choose not to participate in litigation, you can become a member of the group absent. is an online discount retailer selling a large number of consumer goods. This collective action claims issued a false or misleading statement did not disclose: (1) manipulation and exaggerated sales, accounts receivable, profit, cash flow and asset accounts; (2) accounts statements in violation of GAAP; (3) internal control failure on the accounting report; therefore, (4) public statements in the above period is materially false and misleading. When the truth is revealed, shares fell led to investor losses.

if asked about the group litigation in legal rights, please contact Goldberg Law PC immediately by phone to 800-977-7401, or visit Goldberg Law PC website, or by email to contact [email protected] Goldberg Law PC represents global shareholders, focusing on securities class action and shareholder equity litigation. (Tianmenshan Mountain)

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