ndustry secret phishing sites disguised masks

afternoon a friend in the group to share a elong phishing site, called vip-elong.com, in addition to open the page and found the phone number is not the same, the other can scarcely be distinguished from natural flowers. There are some tourism industry people said, this should also be the elong website? Similarity amazing! After discussion and analysis of Zhilu group of friends in the industry, a step up fake art dragon mask.


a phishing page

1, consulting phone difference

like Ctrip, eLong such a large online travel website calls are unique, and counterfeit site phone number is not so smooth.

true dragon phone:


phishing phone:


2, part of the query and reservation functions can not be used properly

formal large online booking travel website, taking into account the convenience of users, the system will generally choose to upgrade the early hours of the morning. The phishing site is always in the system upgrade, trying to guide customers to telephone consultation.



3, consultation price is quite cheap

well, since the system upgrade, can not be used. So, we will follow the prompts to call the customer service hotline! Wisdom brigade friend Li Kaijun dialed the phone, consulting Shanghai to Amsterdam, the ticket price. Customer service with high efficiency, less than half a minute, he told that in August 18th, including tax and other costs only 3230 yuan, very cheap! General industry people know: a query, ticket price is take some time, so the international ticket would not have to check in half a minute. Out; two, such a low price, is almost impossible.

such a low price, quickly set it! You need to transfer, and to the ATM machine remittance. Wait for you a fever, thought to pick up cheap, the money in the past, and then call, it is estimated that there is no audio.

4, this phishing network is how to find the

Of course

is through the promotion of search engine to search what! As long as the "discount ticket", "special offer ticket", many websites, dazzling, don’t know what is the regular online booking website.



through the query, found vip-elong.com and >

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