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in the store about commodity models, home to the shop to buy, not to worry about the number of unsuitable style, and can enjoy relatively cheap price, this "line, online buy" group quite a headache to the store. Today, this group has been extended to furniture, home appliances, books and many other fields. It seems to be small, but in reality reflects the competition between the store and shop for the source. Some entities merchants even sigh: this business can not do." They have racked their brains to fight back.

shopping mall

number of books in handwritten tag cover plastic envelope

days ago, the reporter found in the three layer of the collect Volkswagen point shop unintentionally, all the tag on the clothes with a handwritten price tag, do not look carefully will be mistaken for a commodity after the discount price, but in fact these tags have been printed and handwritten price, price tag on some print the price or completely the same. The reporter found that view carefully, the secret lies in the handwritten tag position, they just cover the number printed on the bar code label. Reporters noted that some of the price tag has been torn handwritten again sticky traces. There are consumers reflect that some brands directly with the adhesive stick number, or even directly remove the merchandise tag, feel very inconvenient.

similar "not easy" also appears in the bookstore to tightly in a layer of plastic coat on the bag, this approach is more and more popular, but the readers want to know the contents of the book has become very difficult. The reporter collects shopping center basement in Phoenix bookstore, a dozen books now selling Mo Yan was placed in a prominent position, but all is the plastic. A reader of this book just picked up a plastic for unpacking, it was time to stop the clerk. The explanation given is that there are many plastic discs, later can prevent missing. Stop disappointed readers told reporters, can not see the contents of the book there is no way to judge worth buying, had to give up, "more and more books on the plastic envelope."

in other businesses, consumers can feel the shopping guide over enthusiastic service. A shopping mall in the North Sanhuan women’s counter work Xiao Wu told reporters, according to the requirements of the company, the guests do not need the coat into the fitting room clothing as "close follow" to customer checkout will closely, "I heard that some brand shopping guide must take notes in their own hands, to accompany customers queuing he didn’t turn, until the ticket to the customer." Consumers Ms. Wang have had that experience, she once went to a shopping alone, into the fitting room, shopping guide kept outside asking about the size is appropriate, need not need to change the color, "don’t focus on trying on clothes, too much enthusiasm, the fitting room is private space."

"we have no choice, many people try the clothes feel very satisfied, but a look at the price tag, bluntly said too expensive to buy online." Yesterday, Ginza

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