Amazon won the free new top level domain name Free

renamed Chinese ( in the March 17th hearing, following the new top-level domain.Wow recently, Amazon beat its rival Google, Donuts and other companies, and obtain a new top-level domain name ".Free" (free).

figure: Amazon

".Free" translated as "free", Amazon said that the new top-level domain name ".Free" mission is: to provide a unique and specialized platform, while protecting the integrity of Amazon’s brand and reputation. Amazon intends to use.Free to provide a stable and secure online communication and interactive platform.

new top-level domain for the enterprise’s marketing strategy layout, brand protection and other aspects have a very important role. The Internet giant company for new top-level domain is quite willing to throw money, so before Amazon spent $4588888 (about 28 million 190 thousand yuan) sold under the ".Buy" (buy), Minds+Machines company spent $3000888 (about 18 million 440 thousand yuan) to buy ".VIP" (VIP), and Google’s $25 million (about 156 million yuan take ".App"), this is not the only one.

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