Buy popular network mining potential to buy the network to make money

since the United States to buy Groupon network model to the introduction of the Chinese people, the domestic network to buy a new group, from the hundred regiments of thousands of war. Many celebrities have analyzed the network group purchase network such as the author, here is not to show off, only some profitable mining group purchase network to potential. PS: the meaning of mining is to buy a network of friends can try to do something, but not the author of the new discovery.

first: join mode.

network group purchase to a certain time, filled with false data type can deceive, so owners choose to sell the station, take the money and run. This is not a panacea, to meet this kind of opportunity is not easy to believe.

In addition to selling

, the Chinese people are also very popular a model, is to join. Now Sina, Sohu are sold in the substation, substation in traffic is not much, but a lot of people are willing to buy. 39 Health Network by ring join races cost a decisive role in the early development of Web site, for the road ahead with a key.

now some buy network began to join the model, there are selling well, there are bad. Chinese people like to join is a very long history, and grasp the mode of joining, more truly for the sake of the franchisee, perhaps to create a star avenue.

second: do local portal buy station.

buy station there are two categories, one is the local nature, one is the nature of the industry. Local nature of the city to do a special buy services such as Guangzhou, the nature of the industry to do a specific field of maternal and child supplies to buy services.

so buy from the moment of birth and place to hang up, looking for a local portal to cooperate is a very ideal way. Such as Shenzhen, where to find forums or community is popular, affiliated to a complete group purchase service in the community, special group purchase high-quality goods, will be very welcome. This is an example in the TV show, a television program to explain the lives of people, with a section of the car, the way to make an appointment call, very hot.

so, in addition to looking for the local community, you can also find the local TV station, in addition to the two operators, can also choose some local portal site program providers, such as KingCMS has plans to launch a local portal version, beta demo site called "Hunchun 123", we can understand the search. With these operators to cooperate, as long as the next one, you can put all the local stations opened together, is a shortcut to find a local portal cooperation.

at the end of the article, I venture to analyze: the first mode is to grasp the people from rich people have psychological, I can have second modes; the group purchase back to real place to play a role in reducing the group purchase local demand.

on the continued profitability of the problem, I would like to do a proliferation of flexibility to buy and place the door >

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