Multitray logic thinking of selling moon cakes five g WeChat electricity supplier


introduction: when Ronaldo encountered white crow

more than a year, Luo fat mentioned logic thinking to do moon cake on a number of occasions, as to why to do the moon cake, has become a big secret, quietly buried in his own heart, who do not know. The logic of thinking has been selling cakes, only a hypothesis, but when the fat white fat white Luo Zhenyu met black handsome handsome black white crow, the little secret became a difficult task. (a good friend for a lifetime!)

Who is the

of the white crow? Pocket through micro mall CEO, Internet Product Manager in the great God class character. When in office when the Alipay chief user experience division, is sensitive to the role of social relationships in the business, so Alipay launched someone to pay the product project. Although this last little product successfully, but because Alipay and Taobao are the lack of a "social attribute", so that the product has not been able to play the original idea of the power and pleasure. When the white crow start again, choose the WeChat platform to launch a new business revolution, naturally, he must also play a big "


therefore, selling cakes, into an experiment: exploring in this particular scene in WeChat electricity providers play a variety of social relationships, limit boundary test convert sales flow, the logic of thinking WeChat mall is open to the logic of thinking of member free use of pre testing and pathfinder.

decryption: why Sike 100 days

moon cake?

Ronaldo, founder of one of the most active Internet community and WeChat public account. White crow, a Sike social business.

both of them in the heart of the future to make the same judgment: the era of the traditional electricity supplier is over, WeChat electricity supplier is being formed.

, however, WeChat electricity supplier should be how to do? Traffic is not the supreme artifact how the relationship will affect the purchase of the scene will be redefined?

in fact, this is the reason for the black and white good gay friend die hard knock moon cake.

chose the moon cake this commodity, because:

1 moon cake is a very small number of natural products with a wide range of social.

2 in recent years the moon cake’s image has been low in the end, and this year is a special moon cake market downturn, with no potential to play goods, to the maximum extent possible to test the impact on sales of the play itself.

3 countries on moon cake food regulation is very strict, as the regulatory system is quite mature commodity, food safety risk control.

This is the

data Sike 100 days after the first disclosure:

158 designers to raise public

200 moon cake partner

and : nearly 3 million participants

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