Electricity supplier package tax can let the sea Amoy family continue to Hey Amoy

yesterday, the formal implementation of cross-border electricity supplier retail import tax new deal. According to the new tax reform program, in April 8th, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer according to postal items parcel tax levied on goods, but according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax.

days ago, the General Administration of customs also announced the adjustment of tax rate and the dutiable value of imported goods. Although the new deal of cross-border business impact is far greater than the direct purchasing, the formal introduction of specific tax rates had led to "the attention of hand chop party, rose up?? how to choose between the electricity supplier and purchasing in

in the future?

skin care cosmetics rate of

as a result of the tax deal mainly for cross-border electricity supplier, the individual purchasing tax within 50 yuan is still exempt from, but for direct mail and transport by sea Amoy buyers, the national collection is still the parcel tax. After the tax reform, the personal mail parcel tax also has a certain degree of increase, the original tax rate of 10%, 20%, four. 30%, 50%, 15%, 30% and 60% for the integration of three tax rate.

published in the "People’s Republic of China customs entry goods value table", part of the food and beverage, electronic products, furniture such as gold and silver, the tax rate from 10% to 15%, a clothing tax rate from 20% to 30%, part of tobacco, cosmetics tax rate from 50% to 60%. The increase was most pronounced among the "precious jewelry and jade jewelry", from the original tax rate of 10% of the gold and silver jewelry and its products, art, collectibles "category are listed separately, 60% tax rate, diamonds and diamond jewelry rose to 30%. Box leather leather goods tax rate increased from 10% to 30%; touch screen handheld mobile phone is not much change, the tax rate is only 15%, sea Amoy i-Phone phone still has a certain price advantage.

in addition, beauty products rate of female consumers are most concerned about is the dust settles, the original uniform implementation of a tax rate of 50% and the clean cosmetics, from yesterday "separation". Perfume, foundation, mascara cosmetics rate is 60%; Cleansing Cream, lotion and other skin care products to be "toiletries" classification, the implementation rate of 30%.

launched the package tax and other promotional activities

starting from 7 pm, the major cross-border electricity supplier platform has begun to adjust the price of existing goods or shelves. According to the new regulations, the import of milk powder will pay 11.9% tax, in this regard, some cross-border electricity supplier using "tax package" measures.

cross-border electricity supplier honey bud announced that from April 8th 10:00, honey bud on the platform in the sale of all cross-border brand milk powder will be all on the line, users don’t have to worry about how to pay taxes, the honey bud on the platform of cross-border tax package all the milk.

NetEase’s cross-border electricity supplier also launched the "tax money" koala. Users purchase orders according to the amount of consumption of different diapers, koala, return a certain.

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