Cross border electricity supplier new play the koala sea to buy the three stunt fight the future

the price war, the sea waves for the emerging cross-border electricity supplier, and added a touch of red.

April 22nd, the NetEase launched koala sea purchase on-line since the second round of large-scale promotional activities "koala sea purchase stockpile Festival, promotional merchandise covers imported baby, beauty care, health care, food, daily Home Furnishing light luxury fashion etc.. Most products to do the whole network is the lowest, the price of a German imported infant milk powder is as low as 110 yuan.

According to the latest

China customs statistics, since 2012, more than 2000 companies registered in the cross-border business, NetEase, Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon and other giants incoming, ocean terminal, honey bud baby, 168 sea Amoy and other entrepreneurial platforms such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain plus friends, innumerable party purchasing. In recent years the competition has intensified focus on cross-border electricity supplier.

State Administration of foreign exchange on March 31st released in 2014 China’s international balance of payments report shows that in 2014, China’s residents of cross-border online shopping enthusiasm, the annual sea Amoy spending over $1 billion 500 million. In November December, affected by the western countries and the domestic online shopping festival discount promotional activities, personal cross-border online shopping spending for two consecutive months exceeded $200 million, cross-border e-commerce has become China’s foreign trade new growth point.


sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei said, "the NetEase see the policy market, the needs of users, the outlet, combined with their own advantages and experience, and the overall layout of the Internet business, so choose to cut business from cross-border electricity at this point in time." In fact, the NetEase has been in business especially on the virtual field of electricity providers, NetEase and NetEase insurance lottery has become the industry leader. This time, NetEase launched a formal purchase of the purchase of the electricity supplier in the sea. At the same time, NetEase rich product line will also provide support for the koala sea purchase.

With the arrival of the

Global trade, cross-border business is a necessary link, and cross-border electricity space is bigger than domestic business space, because the user is in the face of global commodity trade.

left hand, right hand competition, which is the current situation of the koala sea purchase is not only an opportunity, but also will be faced with brutal competition, the koala is how to buy the sea to play it?

first, self. Cross border electricity supplier platform is divided into two kinds, one is self mode, like the koala sea purchase, one is the form of the platform to provide access to the third parties, such as Tmall international, of course, there are between the two. Koala sea purchase is used in the form of self, such benefits is to ensure the quality of products, such as milk, diapers, toilet and other products, the quality is very important, the price has become a second. Of course, one of the drawbacks of proprietary products category is not rich, proprietary platform can not be like, absorb all the brand admission, their products are limited.

koala sea purchase is not simple to do self, but through the global direct mining model, the main push in the early demand for the highest overseas goods >

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