Food online shopping is not a brand can solve

Baidu’s B2C platform settled in Japan’s Meiji chocolate brand, set up the first flagship store. Analysts believe that this move is a sign that can ensure the quality of goods B2B2C platform is to promote the high quality of wind shopping era, and get rid of the problem of food online shopping security. But is this really the case?

in today’s China, food safety has become a major event for the whole nation, not only a brand or a certificate can represent its security. For the current food safety, the most important issues are:

, a lack of law enforcement. Food law Chinese is 95 years from the development so far, just as time changes, the output of the new high-tech food change a lot, but it can not meet the content already in the present situation, the content is too old, sometimes lead to lawlessness.

two, lack of law enforcement efforts. In the "Sanlu" before the event, there are some products known as the "national exemption product" these products are the most important is to rely on brand reputation as. But with many detection "Mianjian products" when there are a lot of problems, only then to correct. There will always be a batch of products, the product of an enterprise may not be completely without any problems, if there is no need to check that some words, in order not to waste the cost of its products is not bad business, the social responsibility of the enterprise, an idea will be sent to this product, the society will be made to the problem moreover, the food is


three, increasing the difficulty of law enforcement. This is an undeniable fact that in the current market, the increase in the number of channels, in many ways can not achieve effective law enforcement, law enforcement, resulting in a lot of substandard products into the market. Take it now from the electronic commerce website to buy food, milk food, this one, many parents no longer buy peace, rather than to the major shopping malls to buy imported food.

from this a few more objective problem seems, on the current market, food safety still can not completely let people feel at ease. Just a while ago, "cream" is a food problem, now China people for the food problem is "once bitten, twice shy of ten years, would rather kill, can not let go" attitude, as long as there is little reported there is some wind sways grass, worry for this the food will be.

will conduct food inspection every year, and every year will produce N substandard food reports. At present, for the sale of the network on food, there is no strict examination procedures and examination system, many shop pin has no food safety certification, even if there is a big brand background or sometimes a problem, so the "Disease enters by the mouth. after all is food, not sloppy. For now, online shopping can not guarantee food brand, often need beer and some of the more reliable safety certification to do security dealers,


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