Amazon acquired screen technology manufacturer color or push eBook

Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 14th morning news, Amazon announced on Monday that it has acquired Samsung’s Holland display technology company Liquavista, but did not disclose the price of the transaction. The industry believes that Amazon may use Liquavista technology, launched a mobile e-book reader.

Amazon last year launched an upgraded version of the black and white screen reader Kindle Paperwhite, which provides an electronic screen backlight function, while maintaining a low price. However, users still expect Amazon to launch a mobile e-book reader.

Liquavista is mainly engaged in the development of color display technology, the company’s display technology is very low power consumption. Amazon did not disclose plans after the acquisition of Liquavista, just to express the possibility of the future may be happy, and the new technology developed by Liquavista has a wealth of potential.

Amazon now also offer color equipment, namely Kindle Fire tablet computer. However, similar to other tablets on the market, Kindle Fire LCD display technology, not only can be used to read e-books, can also be used to play pictures and videos.

The development of

tablet computer led to the decline of the e-reader market. IDC, a market research firm, estimated earlier this year that global e-reader shipments were down 28% in 2012 from a year earlier to $19 million 900 thousand.

, however, the dedicated e-reader has a unique selling point. Most electronic readers use electronic ink screen, it is suitable for reading in direct sunlight, which is different from the LCD screen. In addition, the electronic ink screen will produce power only in the page, so the battery life is much longer than the LCD device.

The launch of

color e-reader will attract more users to upgrade existing e-readers, and attract new users. Many companies are developing such display technology. For example, Qualcomm has invested in Mirasol display technology for many years, but has not yet launched related products.

Liquavista is developing a new type of electrowetting display technology. This technology can bring a bright color image, suitable for indoor and outdoor reading, relatively low power consumption of traditional display".

Amazon is implementing a long-term strategy, sacrificing hardware profits, focusing on digital content to make money. There is no indication that Amazon will change this strategy. Amazon CEO Geoff · (Jeff Bezos) has said that Amazon wants to use the user equipment, rather than buy equipment to make money. (Zhang Fan) ()

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