Amazon to expand Prime services external electricity providers post

[Abstract]Prime member benefits are expanding from the courier to cloud storage and video entertainment and other fields.

Tencent Francisco Prime membership, is the success of e-commerce "secrets of the amazon". The Christmas season in the electricity supplier war broke out on the occasion, Amazon once again raise the Prime membership benefits, including the company’s first free shipping service will be extended to the external website, in addition, Prime users will also get unlimited photo storage space.

Prime system is Amazon’s original. Users pay $99 per year, which is to be a member of Prime, can get the next day or two days of free shipping services, other members can enjoy a large number of digital content services, such as film and TV on demand.

Prime system was born in 2005, has been the only Amazon site service. According to the U.S. science and technology news website Recode reported that Amazon announced on Tuesday, will allow Prime members in other electricity supplier website shopping, will also receive a free package of benefits.

UK apparel retail site AllSaints became Prime’s first partner. Prime members can log on the Amazon account login to the site, and will be fully consistent with the Amazon site next day service delivery.

as one of the content of cooperation, users search for goods on the Amazon site, will also find AllSaints website sales of clothing and accessories.

for Prime members, Amazon’s move will bring huge benefits, means more electricity supplier shopping site, will also receive free shipping, this will encourage more Amazon online shopping crowd, pay to become a member of Prime.

for Amazon, Prime system is essential. According to industry analysts, on the Amazon website, Prime members of the amount of shopping consumption is two times more than non Prime members.

In order to improve the Prime

temptation, Amazon in recent years has introduced digital content services free of charge, such as the launch of a film and television VOD service, then follow up Google (micro-blog) and apple, entered a free music streaming service. These free services, will also enhance the Amazon’s digital content retail business (such as digital movie download).

on Tuesday, Amazon also announced a digital content service benefits. Prime members will receive unlimited online photo storage space. Prior to this, only the Fire mobile phone buyers, in order to get unlimited photo storage space.

through Amazon’s cloud services, users can browse through the phone, tablet, TV (set-top box), game consoles and other terminals, upload their photos.

need to pay attention to the Amazon is not limited to a limited number of photos". Currently shooting video

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