No 1 Shop 6 anniversary will push the global domain name three spell hit

renamed Chinese ( yesterday (July 10th) news, it is reported that tomorrow will usher in the 6 anniversary of the Shop No. 1, will be officially launched a new zero day anniversary group purchase products overseas "global group", and will continue for 7 days. The overseas shopping website "Ocean Terminal" to provide low-cost products for group purchase of overseas direct mail users, and the domain name is also much loved.

figure: shop 1

Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, the launch of the "global" activities, including maternal and child nutrition and health care products, personal care and cleaning 5 categories. The United States, Canada and other regions covered in the whole network, to ensure the lowest price of similar goods in direct mail. Earlier, the 1 shop also launched the "Mission 1", "brand", etc.. That "Chinese whois query system," the global group "three spell domain name already registered the domain name, today was registered.

for the upcoming "global mission", the industry believes that compared with the traditional personal "purchasing" and "sea washes" mode, "the launch of the global mission" makes the domestic consumers without scouring the sea, you can buy 100% authentic overseas in the domestic electricity supplier platform. In addition, in order to meet the 6 birthday, shop No. 1 announced, will officially launch the 500 thousand nuts Guinness world record for the impact of zero in the celebration.

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