Jingdong set up 10 million anti corruption fund whistleblower protection

news December 14th, Jingdong announced today, once again to upgrade the construction of credit system, the establishment of 10 million year anti-corruption reward special fund, used to report violations and verified reports of individuals or units to report high reward.

for individuals to report, after investigation and verification, the Jingdong group will be given to the informer 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards according to the effectiveness, the nature of the case and provide clues for the serious program; the cooperation unit report, after investigation and verification, to give 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards, or a combination of the reporting unit needs to reporting unit corresponding advertising and promotion resources to provide incentives; direct and effective evidence report embezzlement, bribery cases of non national staff, and finally by the police for qualitative criminal case report, minimum amount of 50 thousand yuan reward.

According to

billion state power network to understand, according to the system requirements, the Jingdong has recently to report violations of a supplier and a staff are rewarded with 500 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan.

Jingdong said the company’s internal staff, suppliers and partners can report corruption. Ways of reporting including telephone, e-mail, letters, appointment, etc.. In addition, Jingdong group will also establish a special protection list and other protective measures to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of informants or reporting units are not infringed.

, for "special protection list" for the Jingdong within the group of employees, the salary, awards and other matters of priority, reward payment through exclusive channels, to ensure the effective protection of privacy. The transaction group Jingdong will provide more choices and help for the turnover will prompt attention, avoid suffer exclusion or disguised retaliation.

if the whistleblower is a supplier and other partners, you can obtain immunity, the right to protect the development of business and additional incentives, such as multiple protection. Whether suppliers, partners are active or passive to Jingdong Group employees and their affiliated personnel to provide illegitimate interests, still maintain a cooperative relationship with Jingdong group, Jingdong will not be held liable for violations. In addition, Jingdong group will also be given incentives to reward informants reference terms.

According to Jingdong

anti-corruption regulations, who found that Jingdong Group employees have the following acts of corruption, can report: employees suppliers and other partners to accept any form of gifts, gifts and banquets, travel and other improper benefits; employee theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of company assets and corruption and other violations of law; employee, bribery bribes, bribery; employees took advantage of his position for himself, interested parties or others to seek illegitimate interests; employees accept commissions or fees or other benefits to employees; implementation of related transactions or violates the terms of conflict of interest.

at the same time, Jingdong group also formally launched the anti-corruption website, honest Jingdong, the site will be together with the clean Jingdong, WeChat public number, real-time synchronization of internal anti-corruption work in the Jingdong, to encourage the company

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