Double 11 warm war detonated war Ali Tencent mutual exploration mobile market hinterland

every reporter Tao Li from Shanghai, Beijing,,

with the electricity supplier eagerly looked forward to "double 11" is coming, Ali and Tencent in the mobile terminal contest also triggered at any moment.

November 1st, Tmall "double 11" shopping Carnival 200 million yuan without restriction on the use of red delivery officially started. Data show that as of 3 p.m. that day, through the Tmall interactive city, Taobao and the number of red packets from the client to accumulate more than 20 million.

however, the outside world is arriving, Ali said that due to the exchange of the grab red action attracted users in the WeChat circle of friends to share, prompting WeChat directly blocked traffic envelopes activities share links.

good product is made out, not hype out." In connection with the official micro-blog accused WeChat blocked its share link, the WeChat team’s response to the above full of gunpowder.

in the industry view, with the continuous expansion of business models, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) three giants in the mobile internet war inevitable. WeChat payment and easy to form a closed loop, whether it is in the field of electricity providers or payment, Ali formed a competition. Ali cut into IM, no doubt directed at the core of Tencent."

competition for each other’s core layout of the mobile Internet market in an attempt, it is the root cause of the conflict.

electricity supplier mobile entrance dispute

From November 1st

, with Tmall "double 11" shopping activities launched the "60 million red" campaign, the activities needed to bind mobile phone number and use the latest version of APP from its activities, links to share to WeChat, micro-blog, Sina circle of friends, QQ space.

, however, the event began shortly before the accident. From the team said in a statement released on the morning of the same day, many users reflect: in the exchange red envelopes activities, the user through the contact and circle of friends to share WeChat links generally cannot open, WeChat prompts the user to the page may contain malicious fraud, has stopped to visit".

at the same time, the exchange also said that Tencent blocked the user’s right to access the Internet and content, in order to maintain its monopoly position.

, however, this statement quickly encountered Tencent denied. WeChat official quickly declared that "no" ban ", and released a suspected phishing feature links, triggering automatic protection mechanism of WeChat background, so WeChat will remind the user of the website may contain malicious fraud, causing users cannot access."

WeChat spokesman Zeng Ming said in accepting the "daily economic news" interview with reporters: "any frequent failure information and excessive marketing user experience and atmosphere circle of friends behavior, WeChat will resolutely stop. No matter what the background of the company, no matter how big the company."

as of press time reporter, in and out of the WeChat circle of friends to share the link has been able to open normal >

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