The ocean domain name Goubuli worth soared three hundred times

in media and 25 well-known catering enterprises in Tianjin city to carry out the "give me a good restaurant from a foreign name" activities, Tianjin catering brand — "Goubuli" Internet domain name, in less than a month time, bullish, worth from 10 thousand yuan suddenly soared to 3 million yuan.

this activity to seize the opportunity to greet Olympic Games, the promotion of "Goubuli" and other beverage brands to the world, have attracted attention and active participation of all sectors of the country.

announced in October 11th Mr Wang Zheng called "gobelieve related domain name Goubuli" has been registered, the price of 10 thousand yuan. November 2nd list of publicity Dr. Dou Dongyou to the "Goubuli" new translation of "gobullish" series has also recently been registered the domain name cybersquatting, Shanghai release Rui network company specially launched the website, the grand launch of the domain name and project. Among them, the stock market can be used for a list of key domain transfer fee for 1 million, project cooperation requires investment of not less than 3 million. They think, "Goubuli" is the first brand of food, and the "Goubuli" translated as "gobullish", has extraordinary value in finance, education, culture and other fields.

it is understood that after two years of restructuring, "Goubuli" profits soared 10 times. Earlier this month, Goubuli group has made it clear that the latest listing in 2009. If the "Goubuli" with foreign names listed in many listed companies will be particularly noticeable. This will allow the brand to have focus on the Internet domain name registration, a new translation of the translator and Goubuli have become news attention.

Review of foreign name

in this solicitation activities according to the expert group and everyone’s views, Goubuli from many selected 3 foreign names, publicity in the shop, please go to the dining customers on-site review Goubuli in name, listen to your views, in order to determine the best foreign name. The Goubuli group with which the final translation, enthusiastic participants and readers generally believe that this depends on the group’s economic strength and market insight.

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