Jingdong Zhang Xiaolei Jingdong will push lightning refund

in the realization of the industry low repair rate, and the promotion of home renewal service, Jingdong (scroll information) began to explore the convenience customer service service. Jingdong customer service management department director Zhang Xiaolei said the day before, the Jingdong will launch lightning refund within the year, consumers can get a refund and return "".

, according to Zhang Xiaolei introduction, Jingdong will be launched by the end of this year, lightning refund service is based on the user’s trust. In this service system, as long as the Jingdong can confirm that the sale of goods is indeed a problem, you can return to the user before the user returns to the user account. In the Jingdong "customer orders, customer service personnel of Jingdong will according to the professional ability to track customer experience, if users buy goods after open or encounter other problems, customer service team will use professional skills to guide customers through some users to upload photos, and according to the professional judgment to confirm whether the goods have problems." Zhang Xiaolei said.

in Zhang Xiaolei seems, lightning refund for Jingdong is risky, this is the test of the use of large data and the overall level of intelligent system development Jingdong." According to reports, in determining whether the "lightning refund to the user, the Jingdong will establish a model of user groups, covering shopping habits, address, personnel distribution and there may be a question of integrity etc..

Prior to this,

has been promoted to the home for new service, in charge of the delivery of goods returned to the courier at the same time to the user to send new products, can save 20% logistics time. Zhang Xiaolei said at the same time, the current monthly Jingdong about 213 million single orders (including POP platform), part of the monthly self returns for orders about about 1 million single. The statistical units of different orders, in accordance with the standards of Jingdong, the category of repair rate on average between 1%-3%, including clothing and other non standard is slightly high, mobile phone, digital products such as center, and in some categories, such as jewelry, food and not suitable for replacement, repair rate is lower. In the electricity supplier industry, excellent enterprise can do the repair rate at around 2%.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters Chong Chong

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