Nanjiren shot acquisition Teddy P classic a brand new business


electricity providers already is not familiar to us underwear brand "nanjiren".


recently, the electricity supplier announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of the electricity supplier limited company or third party designated by the company 50 million yuan in cash through the acquisition of Xinyu Co. 100% stake in the company to complete the "Classic Teddy" (classic Tactic) series and Chinese graphics trademark category 1-35 acquisition. After the Tactic bear trademark belongs to Meng Da Antarctic electricity supplier.

underwear brand has now been transformed brand licensing services

according to public information, the electricity supplier was originally known as the thermal underwear brand "nanjiren", 2008 transition service providers, providing brand authorization service, and began to provide electricity supplier ecosystem services in 2012, now sell underwear only belongs to a small part of the company, the company is currently the main business is to small and micro electricity supplier brand licensing services, electricity supplier ecological services and flexible supply chain service platform. The brand is mainly divided into three categories: one is the LOGO brand, such as nanjiren, crocodile; two is the IP brand CP brand is three.

The acquisition of

Tactic classic actual belong to the rich group of IP brand. Classical Teddy is a well-known IP brand, is a registered trademark of the Dragon Qiao International Co. Ltd., and started to wear with high visibility in the toys, food and beverage, Home Furnishing products and other consumer goods field. Under the children’s clothing in Ali’s annual sales of approximately 45 billion yuan.

Antarctic electricity supplier, said the acquisition will help to further broaden the company’s product level, enhance the company’s brand image will be further down the brand, build ecological strategy. Classic IP Tactic Antarctic brand with the flow of electricity providers and supply chain, the company share is expected to increase in the baby category of the city.

since the last Antarctic electricity supplier backdoor listing, the performance of high-speed growth, the actual is relying on the brand cultivation, and licensed to other companies, charge service fees, fees for the use of the brand label in the gold absorption capacity increased. According to nanjiren released 2016 third quarter earnings, operating income was 147 million yuan, an increase of 24.03%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 64 million, an increase of 72.94%, the growth rate of profits to other electricity providers to catch up.


pictures from the Antarctic electricity supplier in 2016 third quarter financial report

Antarctic electricity supplier has been trying to create a brand /IP+ channels + content + service tools ecosystem. According to the previous announcement, the third quarter business moves constantly, through cooperation, acquisitions and other ways to start operations "Palladio" and "CARTELO" brand LOGO. At the same time the construction of image, design as the core of the IP brand, through

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