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just moved into the society. I know it very well. I don’t know how to deal with many things in society. However, I rely on my own knowledge and wisdom, I entered the Internet cafe in this industry. At that time, the Internet bar industry in our country has just risen, and I still have some advantages for my work at that time. In the Internet bar industry, I from a small PP to do an Internet cafe technician, but also got the industry internet cafe owners and industry owners recognized. That is to say, in this industry, I have a certain reputation. The days that followed were easy, and I paid K a month. That’s how I spent my time with my friends.

but once I had a meal with my friends, I didn’t realize a friend who was a VPN. He told me what his job was like, and I was lucky to be part of the VPN business. This allows me to enter a technical gate, this door, let me have this life now. Now the day in China is go to a well-off level, I am in Shenzhen, we are longing for a good city, have their own small WO, there is a considerable income, here, I want to thank my own and that is very good for me friend. Also say, if people want to buy VPN, our company is specialized in providing foreign VPN, no need to dial the client can directly VPN, provide free test accounts only 30 yuan / month, intends to contact :1421489393

May 27th news, according to Bloomberg news, the United States San Francisco on-demand food delivery start-ups Sprig announced that the company closed at 26 local time in the United states.

Sprig has raised $56 million in funds, including Accel, according to Bloomberg data.

Bloomberg recently reported that Sprig burned $850 thousand a month and was looking for buyers. Similar ventures such as SpoonRocket California and Maple New York were closed in 2016, and Munchery, which is trying to change the status of food delivery, is also in trouble.

I was born a poor child, then, in the village, my companion and I have little to say, because of my family relationship, the body of the backbone can only be placed in the bottom of my heart. So, from childhood to reading out, to society, I still did not change my kind of temperament, the only change is that I have been placed in the bottom of my heart, I want to play it out.

. But in the past 2 years or so, Sprig has never been able to raise new capital. The company will provide 2 months’ pay for all employees as a severance package, and a recruitment meeting will help them find new jobs.

Sprig provides food for their own cooking and delivers them with the driver. The company was founded a few years ago, when demand start-ups were favored by venture capital firms. But like many of its peers, the Sprig business is starting to get into trouble.

Sprig co-founder and CEO Jiagen · Gagan Biyani said, viani for start-ups, food delivery has inherent difficulties. "The demand for convenience and high quality food is always very high," says Sprig, "but there’s still a huge challenge to deliver large amounts of homemade food."."

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