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Hello, has written 2 papers and about 2011 Taobao guest operating some of the practices and techniques: "new model" on 2011 Taobao guest single page station, "2011 for customers to choose products, Taobao keyword view". Then the author for optimization several single page station only wrote some of this article, today is to share some views on the station built in 2011 Taobao guest single page! I believe that both will have a certain inspiration to the novice or veteran, although no single page station in question is convenient management, very good persuasive, easy to optimize operating properly, a monthly income of thousands is pretty easy! But for the novice earning 1000 or need a certain time, for veteran if you want to replace the product is necessary, the premise is the product competition, such as the current L-carnitine, sh419 search page is full., why are we getting involved? Well below, to talk to the railway station built Taobao view

in the network marketing, search engine marketing, search engine marketing and customer conversion rate is the highest for marketing, when a lot of new contact for marketing in the beginning, the first consideration or concerns one of the biggest problems is what kind of products suitable for auction marketing? How should I choose now? According to the bidding product marketing network marketing in the choice, I’ll give you a little explanation, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

network marketing in the auction marketing is what I study and contact more, in fact about the choice of products there are many skills, the next update will give you one explanation.

two, replace the product: a lot of friends especially beginners find themselves doing products such as medicine reducing weight, breast enhancement medicine and so on site, because without this ability than others but their site ranking a sluggish, their confidence in shock. So, please don’t be discouraged, but others do product keyword does not matter, the most important thing is to pick up another way station for candidate key products, then, "products" means to start from the selection of products, from which the keyword, believe competitive field is a wise choice, because we are in not for products we have our site accumulated to a certain weight, is the "cause", believe that we do a little competition, and profits of the product is also very soon ranking.


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three, more and more focus on the experience of the premise, the novice, veteran we want to improve the user experience to the line, at least is to give users a clear product page, rather than full of pop, forcing others to collection site I ordered, to your site can be very good propaganda out, we can add a share button on the website, this I believe that many of the site will be added not only to make their own stand to.

4, there is one final point is that we need to pay attention to, that is because your products are sold through the network marketing, so that your product must be easy to transport, which is in the logistics we need to pay attention to.

1, domain name time: site, of course, the domain name, weight is generally higher than CN net, I suggest you choose COM domain name to site. I believe we all know that sh419 search engine accounts for 80% of the site traffic, and sh419 for the old domain name is very low value. Buy the old domain pay special attention to the site’s domain name is right down, how the chain, sh419 snapshot is recently! For novice and veteran to choose the old domain name to station benefits that can shorten the time of profit, and not to give up halfway in, and recent period of the new domain name longer as long as a sh419 snapshot, react, website ranking immediately up, flow will rise with it, in order to quickly achieve profitability

3, do the bidding product is best to have a monopoly, of course at the moment is to find a monopoly of the original project is very difficult, the bidding competition is quite intense, to be completely anti is impossible to copy, so we must innovate on the copy the foundation, for example now selling shoes, but the shoes you can give new functions, such as massage or increased, so relatively speaking your competitors may be a lot less,

2, do the bidding has several stages, one of which is advertising, so every day you need more or less advertising costs, although the lowest cost account is 50 yuan, and the advertising budget every day can be adjusted, but in order to be profitable, but also fast profit, you choose the best product is profiteering. That is to say you choose the profit of the products the best price is between 100 and 300, and your best source is stable and the price is low, which means that the cost is the best in ten yuan – dozens of yuan, so that it can guarantee that your profit space is huge,

The main

1. First, you choose the product, is legitimate, and never break the law, even if can earn money, it is not long, so be sure to remember this, so you choose the products must comply with the relevant provisions of the shlf1314 auction sales can, such as drugs and adult the drug can not, the best way to do a product agent or authorized distribution,

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