Why is Silicon Valley no longer the Mecca of venture capitalists The battle for talent is as hellish

fourth: promotional products also known as product blog marketing

is an almost all ignore the problem is that there are many reasons to lead international entrepreneurs and top talents from shlf1314 to leave, and they set up their business park in other places.

The main

Silicon Valley believes itself to be the ideal place for all software developers. Under the background of Silicon Valley is well documented, the success of Paul · Graham wrote an article in which he urged the U.S. government to encourage the 95% Silicon Valley software giant, added to 5% has been stationed in Silicon Valley software company ranks.

fifth: soft service also known as soft announcement, implantable advertising


first: one of the most popular – advertising alliance

blog has gone through the popularity of the 2005, experienced the rapid development in 2006, and now, blog status has been replaced by the SNS community and micro-blog. Today, the blog I’m talking about is not a BSP blog in the traditional sense, but an independent blog with independent domain names and space.

with the growing global entrepreneurship Park, Silicon Valley should not just see the benefits of introducing talent, but also pay attention to the negative factors that make brain drain. But the development of Silicon Valley is very optimistic, so what time do we have to consider the dark side of these foreign businesses in Silicon Valley,

technology and social commentary, from the technical level can help the interaction between independent bloggers and readers’ demands, more blog readers and stickiness, thus further increase from the horizontal to the blogger >

later, the more difficult is that you have to endure unspeakable sense of doubt. If you’re trying to develop products and create jobs, try entering

in Silicon Valley talent immigration, showing a domineering attitude, the specific performance allowed some people to come in, but the other people away. From my experience of building Skype’s 10 office locations in 16 time zones across the globe, it’s clear that what we need to do is to take the initiative to pursue top technology talent rather than watch out for brain drain. So when I saw Graham put forward in this paper the nuances, I felt refreshed, he wrote: "Silicon Valley in the introduction of talent issues, are too wishful thinking, the specific performance: we have a one-sided view, if we allow more top programmers to Silicon Valley, they will want to come."

second: advertisers

third: sell link

note: Silicon Valley has become a mecca for global technology entrepreneurs. The world of science and technology talents and technology companies have to squeeze through the bridge, to the Silicon Valley agglomeration. But Silicon Valley is not as we imagine you want to reach, endure all kinds of suspicion and doubt. So, do you continue to go into Silicon Valley or choose to stay away from Silicon Valley? This question brings you another interesting point of view.

is above some profits, but the reader to understand, in front of three ways of profit is not ideal, meet the blogger of a profit desire and achieve cost support blog domain name space is only a lot of time. I understand from those profits good blog found their more profitable way promotion, is to use the blog itself original content dissemination effect to attract readers and readers fixed to the blogger’s influence, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. For example, if a blog you browse the number of 5000 people, as mentioned in this article thought or products can affect 5000 people, through their line of communication may also influence more people, so the influence of no effect than a local newspaper’s power is low, and because of it the contents of the influence will be deeper and more uniform level. Whether it is to promote a product or service or blog now more popular a paid promotion, promotion of a person or a website, when your blog reaches a certain user group would have a good effect.

Abstract: an almost all ignore the problem is that there are many reasons to lead international entrepreneurs and top talents from shlf1314 to leave, and they set up their business park in other places.


personal independence blog from development to now has experienced a long period of time, from the beginning of the personal interest and the personal independence blog until now many commercial individual blog works, can see blog diversified development direction. Then, when a grass root webmaster or grassroots blogger builds a blog, you should consider its commercial development route, so maybe your blog will go further. Because when you move toward commercialization, you have to think about your users and your readers, and you have to provide them with a better experience and meet their needs for your blog content. But I personally believe that even if the commercial blog, you must also consider a commercial degree, after all, no one is interested, every day to see an advertising, and no substantive content blog.

Silicon Valley is no longer friendly,

is just looking at the government’s welcome page, which is enough to scare you. And it will take you a long time to get the meaning of the various letters in the visa options.

although Paul ·, Graham mentioned visa issues and some technology celebrities are real, but for these scientific and technological people, they are faced with much more than these.

As a foreign investor, Now the development of

, I would like to sum up the current independent blog main kinds of profit:

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