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at the beginning of 90s, I was given an instruction from the leadership that I should go to Wenzhou for a survey. In Wenzhou River Cangnan County proud there is a person who is proud of the river circle together, it was this place called China first farmer city, I draw a map, take this map to Wenzhou merchants. Give you together allows you to build a house 1 floor to 3 floor, built after 50 thousand dollars the price of land, then your home has a road, opposite a house, this road here is for you to repair, etc. after you build houses across the street to the end, half I fix, you give me 50 thousand dollars.

then choose some affiliate ads. Now on the Internet advertising union is difficult to count, many types, but also for many webmaster friends choose headache.

make your website your "Qian Shu" ad?. If a website wants to survive for a long time, it is absolutely inseparable from advertising.

these are ways to increase website traffic, but the most critical question I haven’t mentioned is making money.

when I first started doing websites, I was very confused about advertising. I didn’t know what kind of advertisement to put on and how to put it on. But now, for a long time, I have found some of the minor patterns.

is now more and more friends in doing web site, but do not flow station, no traffic, no money and not. Combined with my own standing experience, I will introduce two strokes to you.

below is shorthand omitted:

by the positive and the island’s "2017 Innovation Conference and the 2017 were positive and the Island Island neighborhood Conference on June 9th -11, held in Beijing, blue lion financial book publisher, Wu Xiaobo channel founder Wu Xiaobo made a change year" as the theme of the speech at the meeting.

I started to enter the business world in 1990. My first job was to go to Wenzhou for investigation and research. I have been working on it since 20 years ago. I think that over the past 20 years, my understanding of change has changed a lot. How do we understand the "change" and "change"? What is the change in our values? What is it,

below, we must learn to hype themselves. Some people will doubt, speculation? How to do the website, but also speculation,


like shlf1314, Ali, mother, sh419, Zhi League, and so on. shlf1314 ad, with it >

Wu Xiaobo points out:

4, three key words for future change: zero, discomfort, death.


today’s theme is "the annual change conference". I talk about my views on creativity and change.

actually, the website is like the star. What is it about? Popularity?. Star popularity, natural will be popular, and the popularity of the site increased, click rate will follow up ah. The same is true between the two.

doesn’t know if your website is making money for you. Does your website add extra income to your life? If not, then do you want to learn?.

How does

when I went to investigate, he had more than 2000 people fooled into that, it has been very lively. At the beginning of 90s, Chongqing hot pot began to be sold all over China, so Wenzhou people began to make "Chongqing hotpot" in that place, which is already the most in China

website built, optimization is done, and the site traffic is still not up, how to do?

3, generation after generation is good and bad, and we should look at change rationally.

do early stage, first of all to learn how to collect information, to make your website become different. Now many do stand, is to go to some famous sites to collect information, in fact, there is no need, because the above things have long been seen, income a little bit down can also. If it is new, I suggest to some of the less well-known station, there might be some original things, but because the station is small, not too many people that read, so you collect this information on your website may be more favorable.

has just built a website, you can choose some of its own web site similar products to sell, such as women’s network, you can choose clothing, beauty products, etc., but do such advertising, there will be some limitations. You can’t bring high income to your website.

then you have to learn how to optimize seo. This is a lot of webmaster will use the way, but there are many new AdSense for this and not very understanding. Do not know if you want to do your own website optimization. In fact, it’s very simple. If you want a keyword to be paid in a search engine, you can make the word appear on your website several times.

1, the Internet has changed many of our things in the name of revolutionaries. It is both an angel and a devil.


2, changes have good or bad, good changes need to strive for.

I used to be a variation of the fundamentalists, sometimes think that I call people with 100 years ago in the May 4th Movement was smashed to an old world, is now all things are bad, is wrong. We always feel that when we run into the world, like monkeys, there is always a tail in the back. This tail, you can say, is an old mechanism, or a collectivist old value. So when we face young people, we always feel that they are our future. We embrace each other positively for all changes.

I’m going to tell you a few stories about change:

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