Actual combat analysis Taobao customers make money highlightsDare to say SONY mobile phone failed SO

earnings report, it is estimated that no one will say, "SONY mobile phone bankruptcy."". With this momentum, the future of SONY’s mobile business is bright.



SONY mobile

SONY, CEO, Hirai Yifu


although the profit of 3 billion 600 million yen is not very eye-catching, but this increase is really to see people stay. An increase of 771.3%, no one is with no predecessors after.

had to say, SONY mobile phones through the past few years, but also to surrender such a beautiful report card, it is really not easy. SONY CEO Hirai Yifu’s "One Sony" strategy is absolutely right, just two or three years, the deep mire of SONY mobile pulled out.

my opinion is as follows:

of course, I don’t want these ads. I mainly want to use the mall’s promotional activities to promote it.


mobile phone in the last few years the performance is really intoxicating: product innovation is not enough, the frequency of negative news, sales plummeted…… even once came to the SONY group to sell mobile phone business rumors, so a lot of cable powder of lightning. The SONY group won’t fail, but SONY phones have been a source of concern.

1. promotion of products should be appropriate Commission this is important, below 5% of the push. I choose >

let me analyze. The free delivery of advertisements is very attractive. Most people can see it here. As for whether the transaction, mainly looking at the attractiveness of the product, and there is to see the store’s credit. As for the credit, I choose this is certainly not a problem, and are already 3 crown. As far as the product is concerned, the mall has such high credit that it proves that the product is in line with the needs of many people, so there is no need to worry about it. I often visit is a women’s fashion website, this year I went to several sites in this fashion, I am now 37 promotion activities, many of which are in fact more than a single together, the actual number of promotion is 10 person.

choose to do Taobao customers, I think I’m on the right track, although income can not be said to be very high, at least, compared to work is still much better. The purpose of Taobao customers is to earn commission, which is known to all. Now I’ll share with you what I did for the last two days.

began. My girlfriend wants to buy a dress on Taobao. He wants me to take a look at it. I opened the mall, looked at the clothes, feeling really good, and I told my girlfriend that the clothes are pretty good. My girlfriend said, "now this mall is engaged in activities, buy 3, pay two dollars, so buy two more, let me help you look again.". Then I came to an idea, I’m not doing Taobao customers, and if I go to promote these activities of the shop is not a chance to make money, perhaps this is the opportunity Oh. I told my friend not to buy it and wait for me for half an hour. At this time I landed on the Taobao guest page, try to search that shop just now, and see if there is any Taobao promotion. The result is true, the Commission is not low, there are 10%. I came back to the store, analyzed it began to do a picture advertising map, then my girlfriend told me the mall Gang there is advertising, some still quite good, ad I don’t send up, leave the address bar, you can go and see the love.


, and one of the most dazzling is the mobile business. SONY mobile business sales reached 181 billion 200 million yen, operating profit of 3 billion 600 million yen, an increase of 771.3%,

has always been a pillar of the semiconductor business, needless to say, profits of up to 55 billion 400 million yen, only a quarter to earn so much, it is really surprising.

but people think that thousands of years drag SONY mobile business, actually hit a nice turnaround.

advertising map address:

first explain, in fact, I’m just a rookie, I do Taobao customers, that is, two months time, in many of the master, I can only be an entry. Just one of my little experiences of the past two days. I’ll write it out and share it with you.

I don’t know much about design. I cut it, Sun:

digital circle, there is a joke passed for a long time, that is, no one knows, "SONY closed down."". In fact, the big SONY group is very strong, and it is impossible to close down.

yesterday, SONY group fiscal 2017 first quarter earnings April 1, 2017 to June 30th, according to earnings, we can see, SONY group this quarter is profitable.

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