Electronic sports live website Twitch B round financing 15 millionTaobao customers choose to promot

although Justin.tv is still operating, most of the profits come from Twitch. That’s because Twitch has established partnerships with multiple game publishers and E-sports tournaments and signed agreements with CBS to sell Twitch video ads. In addition to advertising, Twitch also has a growing game, pay watch business, and subscription patterns used by partners.

three, choose good reputation brand goods and strength business

still use the digital products and weight loss products, which is easier to promote these two products? Which competition is more powerful? I believe that a little experienced Taobao customers are in mind. But in reality the dream of Dongfeng to see is that many Taobao politicians seem to be something of a hurry, one after another to L-carnitine slimming products, the direction of the run. For no promotion experience and rich SEO resources for novices, such behavior is very blind, in the end can not earn money, but morale is nothing. Many times, we can not grab the flower and fruit mountain, you can consider going to Gao Zhuang and Lao zi.


‘s girlfriend in a city of electrical appliances monopoly LCD TV, every time she talked about her business are very depressed, because another sales monopoly Samsung, she is selling SKYWORTH, obviously these two brands is not a grade, she is very hard but she sold less than 1/5 people. Taobao customer is the same, more often we provide an entrance for buyers, and not earnestly to persuade buyers to buy a brand or product that never heard. So choose a good reputation and high visibility of the brand or the Taobao mall official flagship products to promote, both worry conversion rate and the success rate is underlined, many friends asked me how do 365 shops are mostly brand flagship stores, it is for this reason.

"is a concept of what a reasonable commission", such as a digital products, the price is 1500 yuan, the proportion was 5%, and the other a slimming product price is 120, the proportion is 50%, which is a more reasonable and more considerable commission believe that you know?. Therefore, in choosing the goods, do not just look at the commission ratio, from the commodity prices, into the proportion, the volume of merchandise and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.

two, select the right competition for goods

early promotion of slimming products, friends often referred to "Green Week", it is divided into 50%, often secretly change 1.5%, let Taobao guests Qiqiao students complain, we try to avoid this situation in the choice of business time. Dream east wind suggests to choose >

Twitch was founded only about 1 years ago, but it has developed rapidly into a huge platform for playing and watching video game live competitions. Twitch, which evolved from the Justin.tv live TV business, is a new site focused on vertical e-sports, and has become the driving force behind the company’s business development.

1. Select Commission for reasonable promotion of merchandise

My cousin

news September 19th, according to TechCrunch reports, electronic sports business development, electronic athletics in San Francisco broadcast startup Twitch formerly TwitchTV has about 20 million game player watching E-sports games on its platform. In addition, the company raised $15 million to seize this enormous and growing opportunity.

is ripe for Twitch to raise more money due to rapid growth. In the financing of the Bessemer Venture Partners, the company raised $15 million, with Alsop, Louie, Partners, and Draper Associates participating in the financing. Although it was the second round of financing for the site, it was the first time Twitch has been backed by Justin.tv for $8 million.

guest in the webmaster group in proportion is very high, how to locate the site type and the choice of what kind of product promotion is very important, which will directly affect the development direction and intensity of competition website, also decide how much to promote the success rate and return your dream, so that Taobao first customer from Dongfeng choose a good promotion of goods, from the choice of a good business started, this argument is not too much, here will I do to accumulate experience and knowledge of Taobao off a few months to share and exchange, choose the promotion of goods and choice of businesses should pay attention to the following aspects:

four, the choice of good faith can long-term win-win business

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