Secret Wangzhuan training insiderHow to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends just to contact

1. if a person on their own projects, if it can earn hundreds of words, it is impossible for him to take out the training project. One is not necessary, since their operation can earn so much, why to earn that tuition, another is tiring to do the training, the energy, its own research projects well, there is so many people, is sure to be competitive.

2, should have mentality: see more, search more, think more, summarize more. Some master also need to do the first three steps, but only a little summary, through my personal experience point of view, summed up is the best teacher, by summing up to leap and breakthrough, do Wangzhuan, smart to have great wisdom, but also have, what kind of attitude will depend on your money on the Internet more or less, that I hope you digest.

1, should have the basic Internet information exchange application knowledge: email, office software such as word, Excel, the two most commonly, some text production, data backup can be used, search engine, forum function master, of course there are many aspects need to collect more, help achieve some of the work of the foundation design, as a basis for future work with different Wangzhuan;

3., in addition, there are some training, and to teach you to earn one hundred yuan on the banner of free, the temptation you help him to do publicity, or guide you to register the purchase, that… We think that if they do not get what benefits will teach you for free? If I can teach you what knowledge is also good, but after wasting a lot of time and confidence in you, you also did not learn what

so Wangzhuan was born, it is the inevitable outcome of the development of the internet. The network part of various types, regardless of type, technology type, skill type, toil operation type, integrated type, and even foreign large and small projects, as if overnight from the Internet explosion, and thus will have to produce Wangzhuan great curiosity, and begin by groping into the exploration period. I am a network of curious, and there are many fantasy ordinary Internet users, the use of spare time in 06 years, founded the first Internet Network Personal Career Forum — noble Wangzhuan forum. The forum was not as simple as it is now, and each step requires patience and careful exploration. At this point, also hope that in reading this article friends, you can calm down, slowly learning how Wangzhuan should develop good habits, must have to!!! Remember: do not be impatient, keep the common heart and stick to it.

so, how should we look at these training? For others I did not participate in the training, of course, there is no right to speak what. I just according to their own understanding of the network, to remind everyone Wangzhuan circle about the following:

… The following The so-called

not say too deep, only just contact Wangzhuan friends introduce some can not be ignored just when the intervention Wangzhuan basic knowledge, is a little my personal experience in the past two years. If there is a bad place, I hope other experts will correct it.

believe that there is a curious Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends, in learning before oneself should have the following conditions:


I hope you take a good attitude adjustment, unremittingly, study hard, I wish everyone can earn money through the network, to realize your dream

now the network has a lot to do Wangzhuan training people. You can also see the "ads by shlf1314". At the end of the day to earn a few hundred, thousand month, there are many tens of thousands of the sale value of wealth is what cheats… By shlf1314 for advertising, and each big Wangzhuan forum above, there are many such advertising. This kind of advertisement recently a lot of crazy


3, should have general demeanor, not to be petty become dizzy with success. Why do I say this? Now higher than that, why cheat speed is always better than a good project speed faster, because a good project.

2. operations for a few days to get started, you can into the hundreds of such projects, and things, basically does not exist. Because, do anything, any industry is a process, the process of accumulation. The network is the same, even if you have learned a lot of skills that you do so, your own thing is to have a process of development. Such as traffic, even if you master the method, it also needs some time, you can make up the new flow. You can copy the other station, copying method, but you can not directly copy his website traffic to your site. This is the truth!

:   the first Wangzhuan community; welcome to

network is a virtual world changing, there are different variables, but the information can be through the mouse and keyboard, the shortest time to spread around the world can access each place. The information developed today, means that people are longing for the demand of information, with computer, web sites, search engines, micro-blog blog, until now, every step of the Internet is a sacred and scientific progress, only one purpose: to transfer the information people need the fastest, so as to get the attention of people.

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