BlockAvenue the start up company finds the most suitable block for you to rentOn line only 4 month

Beijing is a big city, but sometimes it’s not easy to find a suitable place to live in. In the choice of housing, housing location, in addition to considering the cost of the house itself, we will consider how the surroundings around the house — for example, traffic is convenient, shopping is convenient, around the security situation. Many domestic rental housing, housing sites in the introduction of housing, the focus is on the house itself, the surrounding environment is only a brought, but not by the surrounding environment, good or bad search for housing features. At this point, BlockAvenue, a foreign start-up company, can be a good addition.


in February 26, 2017, the first batch of 3Vbike shared bicycles was launched in Hebei, Baoding. Before that, vehicles were launched in Hebei, Baoding, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Fujian, Putian and other places.

announced a "bankruptcy" that was 5 months shorter than the first bike shared by the nation’s first bankrupt, wukong.

It is reported by the Beijing 3Vbike


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4 months on the line,


BlockAvenue is to find out the best place to rent, buy a house and book a hotel. There are two ways: one is to rate each block by A-F by setting a standard; and two, by interacting with an online community, to let someone living in a neighborhood tell you about the neighborhood. Is walking on two legs, quantitative assessment criteria, and intuitive introduced from the front, it brings great convenience to us.

The purpose of

on the domestic point of view, BlockAvenue this set is very suitable for moving to some large rental, buy a house, hotel booking site. We can integrate the search by block and the search for hotels and listings. The user can input selection conditions on the blocks in the search listings, for example, I want to live in a relatively quiet, good order, near the subway station block block what is the specific screening conditions according to the user demand to be here just for example. After that, let’s search for listings in eligible neighborhoods. In addition, I think what needs to be added to the BlockAvenue is that in addition to scoring for each block, a brief description of each block can be added to allow users to have a better understanding of the neighborhood.

, according to founder Tony Longo, the company has already collected 50 million blocks of information in the United States, and will continue to collect information work, and the construction of online communities will move. Specifically, BlockAvenue collects information including: block the street bus station number, if there is a subway station nearby, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, the number of schools, the crime rate, the number of cases recorded sex offenders. By these standards, A-F is graded for each block.

, following Goku’s bike, announced another bike crash, "3Vbike.".



so, who will be the next bike sharing cycle,

, China Yaodi Technology Co., venture capital, attention to the three line of the city China bike sharing development. 3 V, on behalf of the user, the company and the shareholders win, and company, society and nation win-win business philosophy.


June 21st, the company announced: "because a large number of bicycles stolen, 3Vbike shared bicycles from June 21, 2017 outage, no refund of the deposit users, apply for refund as soon as possible.".

now has entered the late Mobell cycling competition, almost no new bicycle enterprises to join, and the small bicycle enterprise existing is also difficult, gradually fade out the market.


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