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      many people have asked Blog is not to make money, Simon experience can give you a definite answer, he used his Blog – Adsense traditional Chinese stations monthly income of more than NT $2, for a large and medium-sized site it may not be anything, but this is only a blog, I think this is enough to prove that good.

      Simon had seen many successful cases such as Hi3b B, free Internet community resources… Wait a minute, but Simon hasn’t had time to write articles and collect information about these websites, and he wants to leave his first successful case to his blog. So the first successful case for Simon is not someone else, Simon’s own blog, Adsense traditional Chinese Observatory – the Internet money blog.

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      Adsense traditional >

 :     in the blog style of log type, Adsense traditional Chinese station should be the most current revenue. In fact, Simon is not intended to announce the station real income, but the AdSense for content associated with the content of the website keyword advertising support several pages fan in the month after a shlf1314 AdSense performance is very bad article in order to increase the AdSenser as one falls, another rises, you AdSense website publishers confidence, real income will be announced to help you hit a booster.

      Simon is Chinese Taiwan shlf1314 Adsense publisher, is the dragon has long grok friends, have never met but his blog is a daily to, the following is his wise remark of an experienced person.

League address: myad.cn

      although Simon himself also published a shlf1314 AdSesne is not as good as you imagined earn, the primary purpose of this article is to want to join the AdSense money online users have a psychological preparation to make shlf1314 AdSense the money really is not put the ad code on the page, AdSense returns every day tens of dollars accounted for, the attitude can decide whether you can earn money shlf1314 AdSense. Although we say that there are great differences in improving your website content on AdSense may yield with your time and spirit, but in Simon, write this blog is my interest, AdSense revenue is a thrust, so I want to keep going, this topic research network to make money.

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