07 years later the forecast of the domestic advertising allianceSummarize some experiences of more

1, if buxhost investment found later is a liar, remember to withdraw investment, payza and paypal can do, LR has not tried

3, a little understanding of uploading and downloading, patience, you can do cool 6 video sharing plan, upload 30 videos per day, sleep can receive money

4, SkyDrive and cool 6 can do together, plus certain promotion, very effective,

technology, there is no suspense to do a website, then hang advertising, and then through the GG, rich soil and so on, create additional revenue, the technical content of the project, it is easy to make money, those are anyone can do, so money is less, and the site is not the same, to so, when you have income, will be more than the previous project.


1, the investigation has time, must do

I contact Wangzhuan is not a long time, from last November began, the opportunity was really short of money, and see the survey project in watercress, that can help many Wangzhuan to earn income, then began this Wangzhuan road.

finally reminded a few points:

started Wangzhuan, I also observed some new projects, such as user aggregation, peer, Gomez, Bo Rui tucaizhu, cool 6 and the like, are slowly summed up a set of methods for their own wangzhuan. The following can share with you.

then he Taobao bought 3 items, now I really regret a previous mistake, didn’t do what on impulse buying, spent a total of nearly 1000 yuan, bought a CPA, a constant color, a MT. CPA that needless to say, that is the amount of color drainage; often do not say, playing for two days lost 300, still thinking of making money through the color of the people, as soon as possible to stop hand; until now, still insist on doing only MT. Fortunately, so far, I did not develop offline, that is, go it alone, earn more than 5 U. s.dollars point. Speaking of now, we also found, I’m doing only MT project, and time is abundant, so I picked up the investigation to continue to do. Now feel that although the investigation is troublesome, but still make money faster method, and do not need any technology.

is the beginning of a survey, registered nearly 20 survey stations, a survey will do, then that is…. can make money, but not suitable for me, I am a full-time work well, but also to work late, really don’t have much time to look at the topic earnestly do the investigation, after a period of time to do so give up.

2, MT, peer, Gomez, CMX tucaizhu hang these classes, be sure to Hang Hang, because every day is good, do not need to spend extra time and effort can make money, Why not?

Since         06 years of domestic website alliance only program, all bamboo shoots after a spring rain, can do alliance, whether it is SP, or platform, get a set of procedures, to find a mm, began to pull, began to make money by the end of 06, basically have no union, the water upstream, all dried up there, by some owners of the hoarding deduction amount for a living, long past, personal website difficult survival network fell to the bottom.

        07 years, will be the time to There is a way out. The demassification acquired good, focus is the purpose of traditional advertising Shushiwanbaiwan main belt to the network, spent 2 billion to buy good, this is the Internet advertising market on the spring. Of course, the traditional Shushiwanbaiwan owners could not have to advertise on the Internet, but there are 10% 5% over advertising, will also be on the network of pearl, everyone in the money when the network is now in the darkroom, a point light source, is the most conspicuous. So, yeah, yeah, it’s going to be a good market for 07 years. Although well, at present, most of the ads are still aimed at portals, but personal websites are cheap, and there are many years of experience in personal website alliance operations, which will be a personal website for 07 years.

      shlf1314 adsense  will be the first personal website, till a huge audience, shlf1314 wouldn’t give up the Adsense market, these are also the main source of income at shlf1314, the future can only rely on search advertising, rely on this to revitalize the market. But there are several problems in shlf1314 Adsense, can not prevent malignant click, prevent click fraud, how to distinguish the main site is a personal act or passive behavior, if you only take account of K action, is bound to affect the fairness and authority.

          265 is the personal website alliance, 265 miracle, 265 with shlf1314 and VC connections, a huge source of funds, is clearly not just stay in. The first interface navigation website achievement, the value of 265 will also be reflected in the league, three consecutive highest scale the China individual stationmaster Congress, close and personal website links, experience the alliance, now Union Department moved to Beijing, 07 years will Phoenix Nirvana, quickly became one of the league’s biggest market.

      Ali alliance, the platform that has been up and down, has been trying for 06 years, spent 2 million of the league’s funds, so that other alliances in the 05 century spent 20 million of the things done. Perhaps the future of Taobao, YAHOO’s rise, or try to start from here alliance, if management aware of this, YAHOO or n

2, don’t feel the trouble of doing research, that’s what I’ve done so far

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