Shop operators 9 key false means

many times, we want to do online shop, but in the end, but found that, after all, can not achieve good results. As the saying goes: "no business is not evil, who do not want to make money fast, if there is a shortcut to go, I think everyone is willing to. In fact, business shop, also can use some false means, if the use of the uprising will be a multiplier effect, but be clear: here the false means does not include: quality, service and other illegal means false false.

1, apply for different trumpet, or find an acquaintance to write online advice, messages and other related information. Most people love to join in the fun, where people are many, popular, where to drill. At first, when you shop, if someone came to your shop to see, and even consult the people are not, so deserted, it will not be consulted.

2, use a friend’s ID card to sign a trumpet or let acquaintances buy this store product. This will enhance the credibility of our products. But this method should not be excessive use, improper use will lead to the risk of titles.

3, the same product, take pictures from different angles or different styles to achieve the effect of multiple products. This method tries those sellers who have fewer online products. If you have too few products in your shop, who would like to go shopping?. Many and complete products in order to attract consumers desire to buy.

4, according to your product, imitate the official website of the product, or the same product grade shop style. In this way, buyers feel that your shop is very formal, easy to let buyers trust you, stimulate him to spend here.

5, imitate large shops, engage in activities. Shops regularly engage in activities, activities can be false early. Mainly in order to attract popularity, and later you make money, you can really engage in some activities, and only in this way, buyers feel that you shop is very fire, very promising.

6, the identity of the buyer to ask the answer. For example: you use two Baidu hi number, you ask yourself to answer, so you can send chats and other screenshots to the store, as a successful case. This does not have obvious false ingredients, it is best to act as a buyer, the buyer’s use of experience feedback, the best effect, so that other buyers will be very exciting.

7, through pictures or videos, as buyers, buy products, display. Buyers to purchase products, the use effect is significant, (here refers to the costume of cosmetics or clothing products for buyers, then said) through a video or picture display, it will play a certain role to stimulate consumers to buy.

8, imitate high-level seller’s product sales service system. Such buyers feel your shop is very formal, not the general store, especially those who eat, wear, use in the body of the security products, buyers of the body is concerned, so the general service is good, quality guaranteed.

9, write successful cases regularly. Even if you sell very little or do not sell products, you can also write someone who has consulted

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