To be a rich stationmaster you must know how to persist

many friends have just done the station, the technology is not very good at it. It only knows all the webmaster based. Understand the meaning of web code, and you can simply modify the code of a website. But often such stationmaster got bigger success. Get huge traffic, have higher wages than advertising fees. This is why? I think that is the webmaster have a heart in your heart, although he doesn’t know a lot of SEO technology, don’t know those black hat and so on. But he has a lasting heart.

, they go to great blogs to register and promote the website; and then, they go to the forum to post; at the same time, they update the content of the website constantly. So after a few months to get a good ranking, a lot of money in advertising, and some professional webmaster, do stand a few months, but in the end still dozens of IP. They kept complaining about why my website layout is better than others, and the optimization is better than others. But why can’t you get a good location on the search engine?.

I don’t think they have a basic belief in the station. That’s persistence. I want grassroots webmaster to do the success of the station, the most basic cornerstone, not to have extraordinary technology, but to have a stick to the person. The technology is not the more the better, because the more you know, the more ideas, ideas will be more deserted, the look, the look, can’t concentrate on a stick, are not likely to be successful. So, I want to warn all of money online friends are interested in technology, this thing, as long as enough on the line, do not think that the more you learn better, sometimes a little narrow knowledge it can push you in a way to get unexpected results.


website promotion is very much, the webmaster when persisting in promotion, should be preferred; remember, had seen an article, which said, according to the traffic statistics you to focus on publicity. For example, you are on a blog post today website, but a few days later, you found that the site did not attract a lot of traffic, then you should not repeat the same thing, must think about why this is not good enough! Your article or other what reason?. In a word, the reasonable application of 20/80 principle can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For this, I think webmaster can learn from.

want to do stand friends, and have been doing station friends, always remember that "perseverance is victory, remind yourself of the" no free lunch "; I believe that as long as you remember these words, then you can succeed, and can go a lot less curved road.

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