New attempts and innovations of several questions and answers websites in foreign countries


The success of

Quora sparked a heated discussion about Q & a websites. And the traditional Q & a website, such as YAHOO quiz, is the biggest difference, in addition to changes in the form of interaction, the most important should be the quality of the answer and the answer. The more people you have in your professional background and the higher the degree of participation, the more valuable for a quiz website. The most difficult thing about these sites is how to attract professionals from scratch. Therefore, such a form is actually more suitable for organizations that originally have a large number of users, such as TED.

TED Conversations



non-profit TED conference has been held for 26 years, and gradually developed a lot of related awards, forums, membership projects…… There are, of course, many passionate professionals. Recently, TED has released a Quora like platform called Conversations TED, which has reached 15 million subscribers per month. Swedish professor of global public health Hans Rosling TED Conversations on the most active, marketing guru Seth ·, Ting Ting, "out of control" author, Kevin, Kelly and so on are also active users.

There are two distinct features of

TED Conversations:

topic classification, all topics are divided into three categories: "Ideas", "Questions" and "

" (Debates)

time limit, TED Conversations topics are open time limit, after expiration can only browse.

reasons for the topic classification, June Cohens told TNW interview, "some dialogue and ideas have different frameworks and patterns, some need to be debated, and some are just questions.". Different classifications actually reflect our different ways of thinking. For users, some people like to argue, and others prefer brainstorming.

The opening time limit for

comes from the advice of Clay Shirky, author of "the future is wet". Each TED speech is 18 minutes long, so the time constraints, on the one hand, take into account the echoing form of speech. In addition, they believe that most TED readers have limited time and hope that the participants will contribute the best answers through time constraints. Time constraints also attract more people’s interest, as time limited buy site Gilt Group is also a success with this feature. Once the problem is closed, it is automatically archived as a "read mode", automatically >

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