Rival Amazon electricity supplier website Jet has such a coup to save money

NetEase Francisco Beijing on July 22nd news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the United States with on-line membership business website Jet, it is most concerned about the outside world allegedly to help consumers save money and reduce the sensible strategy in the future a substantial loss for several months"".

local time Monday "Wall Street journal headline reports, this is known as the Amazon will kill the electricity supplier website Jet is planning to invest $300 million in the next five years to support a shopping overseas project. The site’s "special" service has created a misconception that the site already has thousands of items on sale. In fact, it is reported that if a customer intends to buy goods in short supply, then Jet or the site cooperative retailer will secretly go to other websites to buy back.

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Jet during the erection of their own products, this service still need the help of Amazon dozens of product categories, in this way, the start-up site must bear the freight cost more and pay a higher cost of goods into commodities.

in order to save money, according to Jet CEO Mark · (Marc Lore); rolle, Jet employees on behalf of the customer in other sites under the orders, through the link to a roaming can get the Commission website to buy again later.

‘s online affiliate marketing is the key. Online merchants to create such a program to promote cooperation website will link goods pushed to the customer, if the user clicks the link and the successful purchase of a commodity, so the website can get the appropriate amount of cooperation commission.

, for example, a blog published a book containing the Amazon link, and the blog readers click on the link inside and the successful purchase of the book, then the Amazon will pay a commission to the blogger.

Jet itself sells goods, but when customers want to buy elsewhere, Jet also has hundreds of affiliate links on other sites.

, which is called Jet Anywhere, can also return earned commissions to members in the form of "Jet Cash". Members can use it directly as a shopping Cash – similar to the rebate site Ebates.

so, Jet Anywhere is a website that helps members to get back the discounts they can’t make in Jet. "It gave them another reason to spend $50 a month on a registered member," he says."

or some retailers worry that Jet’s online marketing program exists to buy goods through brokers when retailers are unaware of it. That is, customers can visit their stores directly, but Jet guides them to the member links and buys them, so that the commissions are gone.

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