Talk about sounds beautiful products


[core hints] there were some sounds good products, but quickly exploded, but quickly disappeared from our vision. What are the rules behind this,


every few years, there will always be some representative of "new model" products, quickly led the industry’s attention and the discussion, many people praised the discovery of these products and represents a new direction for the future, get N early angel investment of millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars in valuation.


hash is when CEO, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life rhythm. Tomorrow users celebrate the giant hit, acquired on the Nasdaq, the NYSE bell.

and then there’s no more then. The products and teams that had attracted so much attention would quickly fall silent, and hear the news of the end of the project a year later.

, what are the strange thinking cycles behind these beautiful sounding products? What are the experiences we can avoid?

lovers are exclusive applications, forming "lovers circle"

from 2012 onwards, lovers exclusive application hot, from foreign Pair, Between, and then to the domestic small love, after the launch, have received a lot of attention.

their main features include: interactive Timeline, real-time communication, memorial day, big aunt, double collaboration game, etc..

‘s logic is that couples want to have an independent space to do virtual communication for two people. But is a "circle of lovers" stripped of the real "circle of friends" really worth the extra cost?. With a user who has used a variety of similar applications to communicate, he admitted: "fresh, too tired.".

short separation is actually good for emotional development, especially when there is a difference between two people’s emotions, schedules, and ways of dealing with them. Exclusive App even reduce communication costs, but such as location sharing, but easy to put too much pressure on lovers, in the emotional side is a conflict and contradictions place.

Remote alarm, location sharing and other functions

couple applications built-in caused disguised privacy damage, you may not want to let others know where the phone before it can lie, now a shared location ring are exposed.

in addition, convenient online real-time high-frequency interaction couples couples social stresses, is another form of digital degradation? After more than your friends live in the circle of friends, or your boyfriend / girlfriend live in "lovers" in the circle.

more importantly, what about breaking up? Deleting, giving up, keeping the chrome should be sad.


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