Enterprise website operation promotion mode select O2O may be backward

  want to exist in the Internet, there must be thinking of the Internet, many enterprise website, will be used as a foil to the Internet, or try it with the attitude of the Internet test, thinking operation site without the Internet, regardless of the outcome of investment or sporadic tens of thousands of investment, final results are reflected the enterprise website flat, rarely reach the expected goal! And the recent popular O2O mode is the traditional marketing and Internet marketing mode hard together, this is the business philosophy of the back, not completely implement the concept of thinking of the Internet, but the traditional marketing mode to compromise, O2O management mode of enterprise website, will cause a lot of problems. Is a step backwards, the result may be not the best


in viral marketing, in the search engine optimization effect is not very obvious, many Internet marketers found a very basic question, is honesty, if the establishment of good faith in the minds of customers, so that they believe you, the product will become very good! How to do sincere letter, the best way is to let off see the "living" of its own, such as online promotion, and then complete the sales turnover, in real! You means that you look to our enterprise, is absolutely not truthfully description, with a little water! O2O model is based on the integrity of the foundation, more advanced than other marketing mode. However, the way of combination this and the next line, if rely too heavily on the line, then the enterprise website will gradually be marginalized, and there will be a lot of complex There’s no telling. .

is a corporate website through the promotion, get a certain amount of customers, and these customers have to fully meet the needs of enterprises, so that enterprises lose the promotion of enthusiasm on the Internet, "zhijuzhechangle"! Very good mentality, the fierce competition in the Internet will not give you more opportunities, because of you the competitors continue to add, maybe two years ago, it is easy to find the user, after two years, has become a little difficult, the status quo of the mind is definitely not the Internet thinking, enterprises can easily be eliminated on the Internet


there is a situation of enterprise website promotion propaganda by unexpected customers get, how to make the customer can get the satisfactory answer? Let them one by one. Some enterprises in the field of PubMed, could not resist by using O2O model will undoubtedly, when cannot find satisfactory services to customers, so these customers, Yiqingbielian soon! If the formation of a good Internet e-commerce enterprises, such as Taobao store, hang a product, users according to other people’s comments and product sales, likely to be directly under the orders of the communication! Face crowded customers, who have don’t want to lose them, then, you should use more effective and convenient way to hold customers, do not easily give up


above two kinds of situation is more optimistic, is the enterprise through the Internet to see the potential customer base, in fact, most of the third cases, more competitors, customers less poor

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