Desert Web site is a labor intensive industry

doesn’t know how to do a website, see others do stand, think is how profound things, officially because of this idea, make me slowly embarked on the road to do website. In fact, now, the threshold of the site has been very low, as long as you are not illiterate, will use the computer, the site is basically no problem. Learning to use a computer is easy for most people, especially young people. To see so many Internet companies will own itself as a high-tech company I want to laugh, most of the Internet Co are not many technology content, because the site is a labor intensive industry, innovation more reflected in how to operate instead of technology.

said the site is a labor intensive industry may be a lot of people are hard to understand, of course, maybe a lot of people can cite many high technology content of the enterprise, but you can say are few, the rest of the 90% leader? Too many people just stare at several industries, but ignore the whole industry. According to the quantity, the host of the website should be the personal website, blog, and among them, the so-called garbage station occupies the majority again. This is the current situation of China’s website industry. These are the few profitable groups, and most of them are not profitable. For this group, the overall expenditure should be greater than income, at the same time do not forget, personal website owners of time and energy to pay, but also the cost. Of course, some websites may seem like consumer products, such as Blog

for some people

for the personal website of the industry chain, the main mode is personal, large and small sites, tens of thousands of websites, and then obtain the income through various kinds of advertising, and advertising alliance from these individual owners earned a share in. Of course, there are also some good personal Adsense directly sell other people monthly advertising. For this industry chain, you can think so, those personal Adsense is cheap migrant workers, for all kinds of League work. And personal Adsense is hard labor, many webmaster in order to make money, dozens of hundreds of garbage station, is completely mechanical construction site. What’s the difference between this and the spinning mill? No, only the difference in perception, because everyone is too familiar with spinning. I’ve heard of it since childhood, but the website is a new one. But is there a difference between the two? A person without training will not stand, nor will spinning.

let us analyze the specific site, take the Blog, do a good blog what is the moonlight, the total number of less than 2000, why so little, because the finishing writing is a very time consuming. Let’s count, if one day to write 10 articles (do not know what people can write so much), then a year 3000, from the Internet to China to now is 15 years, a total of to write many articles to 50 thousand?. And now the personal construction of garbage stations hundreds of thousands of thousands of articles, where come, copy, collection?. Very machine >

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