How to make a boutique website experience

Hello everyone, I introduce myself to do a few small boutique website experience, I hope we can exchange. My mind is healthy and harmonious, to do a good job, refuse refuse station.

1, the keywords of the boutique website shouldn’t be too broad.

too many webmaster want to aim at the keyword is too broad, such as do beauty webmaster, will only for the beauty of the word do optimization ranking processing, and do the weight of the webmaster want to lose weight this word to do. Too broad keywords try your site in the search competition is too great, so even if you come to the front row, search this word to the user is not clear, into the possibility of order is very low, so this kind of too broad keywords are relatively low efficiency. The chosen keywords should be more specific and specific words to be used. The traffic and conversion rates of your site will be higher.

two, high-quality web site’s main keyword is not suitable for too long, too special.

, of course, your home page should aim at some of the more popular keywords in the industry. In order to attract the largest possible and most potential users, the main keyword that your website aims at should not be too small.

three, to stand in the user’s position to consider the problem

website operator designers too familiar with their industry and their products, in the choice of keywords, easy to feel some most probably it did not actually happen is the user will search keywords, but the real users thinking mode and merchants are not necessarily the same as. For example, some technical special words, ordinary customers may be unfamiliar, and will not use it to search, but the product people feel that these words are very important. So if you want to make a boutique website, user experience is a crucial one.

more than 3 points, just to do fine little bit of experience, I hope we can exchange. There are many other factors that I will stick up.

my QQ communication group is 53246537, I hope I like to do boutique station, and like to optimize the communication with friends. Ha ha, ~

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