Depth analysis of 6 types of user purchase behavior

broadly speaking, the user’s buying behavior is divided into 6 main types.

1. price type buying behavior

The price of

type is divided into two categories, one is familiar to us, our promotional platform main users, love to buy cheap goods, even in the absence of purchase intention of the case, see will take action to buy cheap goods. Some people trust senior special price goods, the goods that neededmaterials excellent, reliable quality, which is called "a penny, one goods", so the Changle to buy expensive items, so that you can make your own needs to better meet. (of course, practical operation and price control is not so simple, consumers want to buy cheap goods, but the product can not only give consumers a sense of value of the price, let consumers feel is a super low price to buy a value of the product, and after the village no longer have the shop. This is to meet the needs of consumers.



2. rational buying behavior

this is what we often say "difficult" users, the foundation repeated consideration and careful analysis, choice to take on the purchase behavior, not easily by advertising, product appearance and other purchasing behavior, but the quality of goods, performance, price and service more seriously. Often this kind of user complaints rate, refund rate will be relatively high, in the face of such users should be realistic introduction of goods in order to facilitate transactions. Product side, you can provide some certification. Such as details, real shot, lightning delivery, these certifications can play a key role in the purchase decisions of such users.

3. impulse buying behavior

users of this behavior often buy goods under the stimulus of advertising and merchandising, demonstrations and other factors. They choose the goods mainly by intuition, but seldom by rational thinking. They pay little attention to the actual utility and price of the goods. Because they love or see others rushing to buy them, they will take action quickly. Beautiful, eye-catching, for attracting such users, the effect is very significant.

4. imaginative buying behavior

this is a complex buying behavior. The complex is that these users are very subjective and have very high appreciation of the goods themselves and are rarely influenced by other users. On the contrary, often the decisions made by such users inadvertently become opinion leaders in the eyes of other users.

5. habitual buying behavior

users of this kind of brand appeal is very strong, the brand here refers to the trademark, not the so-called "brand", that is, the so-called "old users."". The characteristics of these users: relatively high cost of access, but the relative is not too easy to drain. On our platform has a good shopping experience, will continue to do our purchasing operations on the platform, directional and repetitive. (if once this class >

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