A rookie webmaster’s ideas and ideas

recently, just had a new station, because of his love of reading, thus the name "bookworm Zhai"; in fact, in this respect there is no experience whatsoever of what I. Whether for computer networks or website management, can be said to be rookie in the rookie. And their own web site is also very dish. Many functions are not complete. So I shouldn’t have been talking here. But there are still some ideas to put forward, the right to refer to your reference.

we all know, there is a good point, regular site, etc., have a membership mechanism. If you want to enjoy the service it offers, you have to register to become a member of it. What’s the reason? It just proves that there are more members of the site, and the popularity of the website rises. And you have the registration information, and it can always send you its product information and services. Although this is understandable, but for users, it would be too annoying. You don’t need to be so strict, except for some special services, such as email, online shopping, domain names, etc.. You have to wait for someone else to sign up to access and enjoy your service. Just imagine, when a user in the vast network of ocean can know your site, and intend to visit it, this is not easy, and for our own, it is also worth the pleasure. However, he still can not enjoy the service, you have not even seen the content of your website and is useful to him, but to carry out a series of registered on your website, fill in the relevant information and so on, after a series of complicated things to normal access. If he is needed or useful to him. That is, if different from what he had hoped for, you will be greatly disappointed? I’m afraid you will immediately turn away, never to return.

remember I had make a website with Dreamweaver8, because some do not understand, out of some problems, and no one can ask, then it is not, go to online search, hoping to find a solution. Later found a lot of Web site related to web design. When I go to these sites to visit, have to register landing how, how, and then can go in. As a result, no answers or solutions were found. It’s frustrating. Then of course is nothing. Now many websites and forums are like this, you want to visit it and enjoy its service, you have to register as its member. When you fill in all the complicated information, after registering and landing, you have to find the relevant information you need in the station. Maybe you’ll find out at the end of the day that you don’t really want the type you want. This time your mood will be? I am afraid to have much more useless useless; you will go to visit the site? The answer is NO. Think about it, when a user to easily find our site, and to access it, maybe just drop by, just wanted to see what might, even without the cumbersome registration formalities, he is in your site to browse around. "

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