Jia Jinghua the future of love and marriage websites and the way of money

              in a small city, a love and marriage website is on the rise. However, after the real integration of this team, I suddenly found that the growth of small cities and love sites also need some time. As far as the present situation is concerned, the operators haven’t found the future of love and marriage websites, nor have they found the "money way" of love and marriage websites.

              undeniably, there are many domestic well-known dating sites, cherish, Jiayuan, and absolute 100…… Some of the company’s earnings and media reports can tell that the money in these sites is excellent, especially the treasure, known as profits of billions of dollars, and is running on the road. However, this does not mean that the local love and marriage site "money" scene is also excellent. Objectively speaking, if a marriage website wants to survive, it must find its own profit point. Simply put, the marriage website profit model is nothing more than the following.

              network advertising: dating sites also have websites, Internet advertising, especially for the big treasure, Jiayuan such traffic site, Internet advertising is a site of income. However, dating sites are relatively targeted advertising, to attract marriage products and pregnant baby products manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that online advertising revenue accounts for about 15% of the total revenue of love and marriage websites.

              member income: each marriage website model, without exception, are relying on member registration and profit. Take the famous treasure net as an example, each member is free after registration, and once you need to cherish the network of marriage dating service, members must pay. Precious network fees in the national love and marriage website is relatively high, 6 months membership fees as high as 1999 yuan. As a matter of fact, every marriage website has a membership fee and the membership fee varies. In the income of the love and marriage website, the membership income point is about 60-70% of the total revenue of the website.

              value-added business revenue: dating site service, in addition to membership services, such as some messages, mail, value-added services that make eyes at a man. Of course, the love and marriage website provides every member of the business with a fee, so there is no such thing as a free lunch. In the total income of love and marriage websites, value-added services account for about 15%.


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