The use of nternet traffic has soared

for network collection, bookmarks, I think even with me as a novice webmaster is no stranger to it. Everyone in peacetime publicity, have dabbled in network collection, and the effect should be good, not only can improve the flow, but also can increase the chain, improve your web site exposure.

I’m here today to talk about how I used the Internet collection.

today is the twelfth day of my station, I found my traffic seems to be a bottleneck, every day can not break hovering at more than 400 IP, and every day I do a lot of publicity, why not flow? So, I began to wonder, to think, when I check the site map suddenly, inspired by the network collection!!! Why do I not like the same collection of all articles submitted to the site map page on the website of the


network, ha ha, this is not for us to do the advertisement!! I just register several account before the collection of my domain, brings me to the flow, and then if I were away!!! In fact, the reason is very simple! So I started looking for a network of first. The Baidu collection, QQ bookmark, followed by YAHOO, Cape of Good Hope. I added a few in the collection, feeling it was too slow, and suddenly I found the code added to the network collection. Ha ha, I’m a vegetable. I didn’t know it before. Don’t laugh at me… Then my four collection of code added to the article page template, generating static, each article page will have the option of,, this is a lucrative business, both for the convenience of users, and can let others help us propaganda. Point collection, automatically extract URLs and page names, but also set their own labels, fast keyword selection, it is convenient.

Of course,

, and other friends to help is not enough, so I can only own manual to each article, collection, open three idle IE page, login account, this collection does not point to enter the account password, in Cape of Good Hope I have not, I this speed is a little slow speed. Fast friends can try, I only QQ, YAHOO, Baidu, three of the


wrote in an article, look at what point? My God, much trouble. If you have this idea, I was incapable of action, we do the trouble? Afraid of trouble? The trouble will flow? I remember that there is a webmaster exchange group in the group always put "executive ability" three words hanging in the mouth, I got it, I think that this is the same post, if read, understand, do, have the effect, if you read, understand, don’t do that, don’t look back and say I write something useless. Success doesn’t depend on mouth.

I’m a little tired, the post rest, this method is for everyone to share, whether can bring traffic, can bring much traffic, I am here is unknown, perhaps smart you do better than


, here’s something to remind you of, elegance >

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