SNS socializing and ambiguous

when the network virtual world pure people can not meet the inner needs, combined with the reality of the virtual community bump appears, this year in the network’s hottest greeting "you SNS?" is. No it does not matter, an email immediately arrives! – look, is eight hundred years old don’t meet the students in the community, even with the usual disagreeable conversation half sentence a passer-by, would become very affectionate here.

What is


after WEB2.0, usher in a 3D virtual community Internet community boom, but while it is still trying to figure out how big is the power of the 3D community, 2008 suddenly jump out of the "SNS community" mode, the limelight without the two. The full name of Socoal SNS, Network Sofeware, a friend of a friend in order to understand the basis of existing for meeting social sub groups and maintain social relations, and in the real life and the network technology. As the network of "exotic", the continuation of the interpersonal management responsibilities, but also makes us see the different geographical and cultural attitude of virtual community users face foreign account DISABLE and DELETE function is very wide, users to bid farewell to the community, will freeze and delete your own account, because they pay much attention to the personal account and virtual community identity, but will also virtual identity and identity in reality very clear. While domestic users are accustomed to extend the virtual identity as the reality of identity, for the virtual identity is very utilitarian: the game account for training, virtual account transfer, marriage and money in exchange for virtual community ranking…… Through the virtual identity to achieve the reality of identity can not achieve spiritual aspirations.

talked about

from a poll of ten thousand people

Q: is there anyone like that on your SNS buddy list,


A: the beloved, 21%

the one who loves 8%

who once loved 14%

the one who fascinates himself 18%

worships people 7%

wants someone to happen, 12%

heart have never met 11%

More than

of the data came from the voting results of a SNS community, and we were surprised to find that this list of "community names" was filled with love". This is a Yizhenyijia gray area, real name, virtual appellation, real virtual avatar, smile, and then again by real people send out virtual "flirting", make people addicted to them back and forth, indulgence, fall into a reverie. Therefore, more can stimulate the adrenal gland secretion the game procedure to come out one after another, seizes the player eyeball at the same time, also is challenging people’s lust bottom line.

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