Opinions how to view Facebook acquisition of nstagram

[TechWeb] reported on April 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the Monday Facebook lightning spent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, the Facebook has sufficient reason for free Instagram tens of millions of users. Industry public opinion hot, in the Internet gradually visual today, Facebook how to use the opportunity to acquire Instagram, change the content and service attitude.

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KC Associates, the investment experts believe that will take months to come to buy Instagram, although the amount involved in the transaction is staggering, but also in line with the expected valuation of Facebook. The most important problem is that Zuckerberg sees the deal as an opportunity, or a save? For the acquisition of the upcoming IPO before seems to be on the defensive, if the social networking giant to make a clear judgment, it wouldn’t make such a crazy move for investors.

subtle change: Facebook begins to create content

in the futureMatthew Indaba, co-founder of

Music, Siegel, says the deal opens up a big problem for Facebook, which has not been focused on creating content on social networks. Prior to the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook’s focus was on sharing content, and not even providing tools for creating content. It leaves work for other companies, such as Zynga games, native photo applications, and music labels. The acquisition of Instagram indicates that Facebook has become aware of the importance of creating content. He explained: "I can spend two minutes taking pictures with my wife, but it only takes a few seconds to share the photos via Facebook."."

Instagram meets Facebook’s future mobile strategy,

given that Instagram’s security fund was valued at $500 million last week, Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition is a real worry. But there are at least two reasons to encourage people to subscribe for Facebook shares next month, IPO.

first, Facebook hopes to find a new source of revenue, even though current registered users are growing slowly and advertising strategies have no advantage. But it responds to the biggest concern of potential investors: Facebook has the ability to score in the mobile world.

mobile App Co Onavo CEO, Guy Rosen said, Instagram is currently the most popular mobile social network, in the last six months is the most popular iOS application, 10% iPhone installed Instagra>

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