Xu Guoping what kind of website does 2012 have money way

2012 what kind of website, rich way, this is every website to pay special attention to the problem, especially the new Adsense just start doing web site. My website opened and stopped, stopped and opened, the webmaster career is almost two years, plus network editing work experience for more than five years, "Xu Guoping long stop" to share what to do, the site has money.

‘s preparation for a rich web site,

personal attitudes determine success or failure. You do site mentality, determines your site will make money later?. What preparations should be prepared before making a website? Xu Guoping’s standing summary is as follows:

first, prepare time and energy. I often hear some of the webmaster complain that one of the problems is that there is no time. I asked in reply, since there is no time, then why do you get the website? In fact, the personal website is the largest investment in time and energy. Time is like water in a sponge. It’s crowded every day. So make sure you have enough time and energy before you make a stop and make sure that 100 percent is put in place.

second prepare confidence and perseverance. Why do some webmaster to less than a month, or even less, give up halfway; some owners insisted for one or two years, or even longer, yet more long. The difference between them is whether your resolution is lasting. If you have the confidence to make a website rich, then you should follow a persistent, do not abandon, do not give up. If you can’t adhere to the website, then don’t go to the stationmaster road. That will not only waste time, but also waste energy.

The content of

‘s website,

content selection is critical. Some webmaster blindly think that website can make money, blindly follow the trend, or do not know what to do good site. For content orientation, I have some tips for sharing experiences:

first, the content of the website is to subdivide. Whether you’re a local station or an industry station, the content of your web site should be subdivided as accurately as possible. I used to do website, also can make the comprehensive portal common failing, a few years down, time, energy, investment and make money, profit is inverse proportion. Like the current most popular single item Taobao customers, this model is more suitable for personal website content positioning entry point. The content of the website is best interested or familiar. Here, I take the local website as an example, there are some personal local websites, and what contents are included in the website. Pre local sites can be the main recruitment, real estate classification of such information flagship, so that local content and popularity can be accumulated, and later local sites can be the main food, tourism, such businesses display as the focus. The special attention is, do not have what, we must first reduce local businesses and then slowly expand to classification. For example, three months of food, three months of long-term planning such as tourism, which can also be targeted to attract advertising or for-profit advertising.

second, the content of the website is streamlined. Let me take the local website as an example. I often visit some places

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