U S Air Network CEO Fu Lei Subversion of the traditional model using the nternet to create the Uni

I dark horse: American air net was founded in 2007, is a gathering of artists, models, photographers, make-up artists and other groups of cultural and art industry platform. 2012, the United States Air Network is facing operational difficulties, the founding team quit. Fu Lei served as the U.S. Air Network CEO in 2013 was two venture led U.S. air network. In 2014, the US air network received 50 million yuan A rounds of financing from its equity capital holdings.

beauty network CEO Fu Lei said, "the core value of the United States Air Network lies in mature artists growth ecosystem. In the north of Guangzhou, the first-tier cities, there are a lot of people who dream of floating, very hard, very not easy, whether it is a new, or has been in the industry for a period of time, for many years without a successful artist, can be found in the growth and development of U.S. air network opportunities. The United States hopes to provide artists with an efficient, fair growth environment, support their beautiful dreams, and ultimately help them achieve their dreams."

notes: MOKO, the origin, M=MORE (more), O=OPPORTUNITIES (opportunity), K=KEEP (hold), O=ONLINE (online). More, opportunities, keep, online, MOKO! Direct transliteration is "beautiful empty."".

left college and took over American

, American air network, CEO, Fu Lei, 80’s Shandong, Qingdao people. I have studied painting since childhood, and I have been admitted to Hubei Institute of Fine Arts with excellent painting. I have been working part-time as a model during my studies. In 2000, he got a new host model championship.

After graduating from

, he went to an undergraduate college as a professional teacher in dress performance. From all over the country to find high-quality students, to model professional training, and then recommend to the international, domestic and international major model brokerage company, guide students to participate in, perform, famous. Fu Lei deep in the field of modeling personnel training for more than ten years, the entire industry context understood very thoroughly. Because the needs of teaching, Fu Lei spent a lot of time on the domestic and foreign models performing talent development mode, he deeply felt the traditional inefficient brokerage model closed over the past few decades has not changed, the growth of talent and business models are too traditional and rigid.

was launched in 2007, and initially wanted to create a community platform where photographers, make-up artists, and model artists could open up and simply find more jobs on the web. The beauty, beauties of the influence, forming a very good atmosphere, a large number of photographers, makeup artists, models in the United States Air Community Photos, showing their own works, and in the community and other people in the industry interaction.

at the end of 2010, the rapid formation of the American air network brand effect, once developed to its peak, introduced several million yuan of venture capital. However, some of the early founding teams of NASA appeared to have some decision questions

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